At the Department of Education are students of the  6th year Madicke-Faculty of Education on the subject of “Pediatrics”, as well as students of the 6th year of pediatric faculty on the subject of “Hospital Pediatrics” .

In conducting studies are widely used modern educational technology (graphic organizers, project, case methods, multimedia) and information technology resources.

Assessment of the students performed on the rating system.

Final exams are conducted in the form of an OSCE and oral surveys. In the process of learning throughout the cycle, students take a survey in the form of tests in the test center.

The efforts of the staff of the Department are prepared training, educational benefits of hospital Pediatrics, traditional medicine in modern pedagogical technologies.

The Department for academic metodicheskim works responsible Department assistant Ilkhamova.X..

Lectures are delivered by Prof. D. I. Akhmedova, as well as associate Professor of Hojimetov.X..