TPMI and Sannio University announce a competition to participate in mobility (hospital practice for masters and young medical doctors) as part of the agreements reached during the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding in April 2019!

Date of hospital practice: February-May 2020 (4 months)

Participation conditions and requirements:

1. Only female specialists are required (given the gender balance of recent mobility projects, a decision was made in their favor).

2.  Specialists (masters and young scientists, academic staff) of the following areas will be considered for participation in the competition:

a. Dermatologists

b. Pediatricians / neonatologists

 3. Knowledge of the English language level of IELTS 6.0

4. Participants will receive free training and support during practical and theoretical classes in their field of knowledge under the direct supervision of doctors of the relevant departments of the hospital of Benevento

5. Participants pay their own transportation costs Tashkent-Benevento-Tashkent

6. Free cohabitation for 4 months in a double room in a female-only dormitory is provided

7. At the place of practice, participants are offered a free lunch for 4 months

8. The amount of the contribution for participation in scientific and practical training is assigned according to the agreement between TPMI and Sannio University.

9. For more information, please call: +998971555664 or e-mail