“Data Center: Economics, Infrastructure, Services”

On October 2, 2019, an international conference “Data Center: Economics, Infrastructure, Services” was held at the International Hotel in Tashkent. It was attended by heads and representatives of Russian and international companies in the production of data centers (data centers) and other technical equipment for data centers, providing the necessary systems for data centers (fire safety, energy consumption, etc.), consulting services, quality determination and standardization, as well as other specialists and analysts in this field.

In the conference detailed information about the development of data centers, the classification of data centers according to various parameters, control systems, and the prospects for the development of data centers was presented. Trends which represent the requirements of consumers, become popular in the ICT world and influences to the development of data centers were presented. In addition, factors that pose a threat to data centers were listed. In general, all these factors were discussed that should be taken into account implementing data centers in Uzbekistan. Participants discussed the importance of data centers for the development of the country. According to the participants, the creation of the data center infrastructure plays a big role in the development of such fields of activities as education (distance learning), medicine (telemedicine), Internet banking (online transactions), and e-government. They discussed the experiences of Russia and other countries in the implementation and operation of data centers, the development of data centers in Uzbekistan, and comparisons with CIS countries. Producers of data centers and other equipment, including such large companies as Schneider Electric, Atos, Tripp Lite, offered their services for the implementation of data centers in Uzbekistan, and also declared their readiness for an individual approach and flexibility in terms of the technical and engineering solutions based on the conditions and requirements, taking into account all the factors and nuances in the country. Consulting organizations offered their services, shared advices and their experiences on resolving some issues on the implementation of data centers, which are relevant in Uzbekistan.

After the presentations, a discussion was held in which the issues of comparing corporate and commercial data centers, the requirements and expectations of customers, the application of the best world practice in building data centers in Uzbekistan taking into account national characteristics were discussed.