On December 23-25.2022, the UZ NLP Challenge hackathon was held at Amity University. The hackathon was organized in cooperation with the IT-Park, the Scientific Research Institute for the Development of Digital Technologies and Artificial Intelligence, and Amity University. On the opening day of the hackathon, industry experts and organizers spoke about information technologies and artificial intelligence, their importance in our lives, and the contribution of such hackathons to the development of our country.

ICMEDAI and GEN Z teams, consisting of experts from TPMI Center of Advanced Technologies and Strategic Initiatives, participated in this hackathon. The ICMEDAI team analyzed the text and presented the LitStyle project, which determines which Uzbek writer’s style and speech style it belongs to. The GEN Z team participated in the Shifo AI project, which analyzes the Uzbek language text showing the symptoms and determines which disease these symptoms belong to.

At the end of the hackathon, organizers and jury members shared their thoughts, experience and knowledge on ideas and their presentations, and all teams were awarded with certificates.