Announces a competition for the positions of the teaching staff of the following departments:

Head of the department: Hospital Pediatrics № 2, folk medicine:

PROFESSOR: Allergology, clinical immunology, microbiology:

Associate professor: Nervous Diseases and children’s Nervous Diseases, medical genetics; internal diseases, Nephrology and hemodialysis( 2 positions): organization and management of Public Health and health care; emergency pediatrics, halokat medicine; medical radiology (2 positions); Ophthalmology, Pediatric Ophthalmology;

Senior lecturer: Biophysics, Medical Informatics:

Assistants: Traumatology and orthopedics, neurosurgery; foreign languages

Department; medical and Biological Chemistry, Medical Biology, general genetics; emergency pediatrics, halokat medicine; histology, pathological physiology; Uralogy, children’s urology; Neonatology; Nervous Diseases and children’s Nervous Diseases, medical genetics; propaedeutics of children’s diseases; Obstetrics and gynecology, children’s gynecology; Ophthalmology, children’s ophthalmology; general surgery, topographic Anatomy and the basics of operative surgery; Family Medicine №1, Physical Education, citizen’s mucophase; Family medicine №1, Physical Education, citizen’s autonomy; Endocrinology and pediatric endocrinology; internal diseases, Nephrology and hemodialysis; surgical diseases; medical radiology; Uzbek language and literature; Family Medicine №2, clinical pharmacology; Family Medicine №2, clinical pharmacology:

The term of the competition is 15 calendar days from the date of publication of the announcement

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