In 1972, due to the opening of the Central Asian Medical Pediatric Institute was founded by the Department of Hospital Pediatrics № 1, Its first head was Professor Alexandrova L.S, which chaired the department until March 1976. Published 81 scientific papers, including one monograph, classification of nephritis.

In 1976 the department was headed by Associate Professor of the Department, PhD, chief pediatrician Republic E.V. Paszkowski, who led the department until 1981. He has published 46 scientific articles.

From 1981 to December 1998 the department was headed by Doctor of Medical Sciences, M.S. Abdullahodzhaev In these years, the department was the largest department of the Institute, there are 48 employees: 2 professors, 8 associate professors, 7 candidates and 31 assistants. Published 120 scientific papers, 3 monographs, 50 guidelines.

From January 1999 to May 1999. department was headed by docent Hoshimov ER He has published 74 research papers. During this period, he defended his thesis applicant Nurmatov SN, whose work has been devoted to optimizing the diagnosis and treatment of acute respiratory infections in the outpatient setting.

 From 1999 to 2000. department was headed by prof. Tatyana A. Kuznetsova.

From 2000 to 2002, the department was headed by the rector of the Institute Professor A. Alimov Scientific production department during the years of its activity in TashPMI is: Training 5 doctors, 20 candidates, 3 monographs and released the first textbook on children’s diseases in the Uzbek language for medical students, published more than 1000 articles and abstracts, furnished 3 patents for invention and 7 rational proposals.

From 2002 to 2004. Department managed professor Sultonov H.K.

From 2004 to April 2009, the department managed professor Isroilov AR Under his editorial was published a textbook on “Hospital Pediatrics” in Russian, Uzbek, and Latin.

From April 2009 to 2012 he headed the Department Professor Yuldashev Ilhom Ruzievich.

Currently head of the department is docent Karimova Muborak Nigmatullaevna.

Department of “Hospital of Pediatrics №1, with non-traditional methods of treatment with a course of Clinical Allergy” is based GKDB №4. Employees of the department are: docent Karimova MN, docent Zhuraeva Z.E, assistants:  Tuhtaeva O.T., Bobonazarov B.N., Shamuratova Sh.Sh., Artykova M.A., Aripova D.R, Yakubova D.M., Ubaydullaeva O.Kh.

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