30.09.2017 at the department of  Hospital pediatrics №1 held an event devoted to “1 October  – Teacher’s Day”
All groups of students participated in the event devoted to “October 1 – Teacher’s Day” in a lecture hall 4 City Children’s Hospital. With the opening speech head of the department Karimova MN, who congratulated all the teachers and staff of the department. The celebration was organized in which various competitions were held, the students congratulated the teachers, using their ability creation.

04.09.2017 was held the event “Lesson memory ”  dedication in memory of the first President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov.
The event was held in the assembly hall 4 City Children’s Hospital. The opening of the event was opened by Head of the Department of Hospital Pediatrics №1 Karimova M.N In memory of the lessons the students were told about the great merits of our First President, selfless work in the name of a bright future, peace and tranquility of our dear Fatherland, well-being of the people. He showed a film about Islam Karimov – the founder of the independent Uzbekistan, to develop a program of independent development of our country and chart a path of national progress. They spoke about the role of the head of state not only in the republic but also worldwide. Talented initiator and wise leader left an indelible mark in the history of our country, taught to love their country and proud of it, led Uzbekistan to the international level, glorify him to the world