The course was organized by the Oncology at the Department of the “Children’s Surgery” in 1972. The first head of oncology rate was PhD Ligay Timothey A. (1924-1997), who led the course until 1996. In 1946, he graduated from the Medical Faculty of the Tashkent State Medical Institute. In 1952 he graduated from the residency on “General Surgery”. In 1996 he defended his thesis on “The Edge features incidence of skin cancer in Uzbekistan”. The basis of the course was the Republican Center for Pediatric Oncology, stationed at the Tashkent City Oncology Center. Moon Mikhail Afanasyevich (19502008). In 1978 he graduated from the pediatric faculty of the Central Asian Medical Pediatric Institute. In 1980-1982 he passed residency on “Children’s surgery”. In 1986 he was the primary specialization in pediatric oncology and worked as an assistant of the course “Oncology”. In 1996-1998, the rate of charge of oncology. In the course of the years 1998-2008, “Oncology” was closed, and the teaching of the subject was referred to oncology department “Hospital pediatric surgery, urology and oncology” and Bulgakov as an assistant of the Department of Oncology, the subject taught. December 24, 2008 order of the rector of Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute Professor A. Alimov open course “Oncology with pediatric oncology” and head of the course appointed MD professor Golib Abdullaevich Khakimov. The main clinical base course “Oncology with pediatric oncology” is the City Cancer Center in Tashkent. Bed capacity clinic is 225 beds.