Spiritual and educational work at the department is on track. Most members of the department are the curators.

They are acquainted with the living conditions of students living in rented apartments. Gather complete information about their students, constantly meet with them and to educate. 

The department carries out work among students and teaching staff: • with the aim of increasing and improving the spiritual and worldview qualities of the individual and universal and national principles to promote creative work in the republic in the process of successful implementation of reforms; • in the formation of a philosophy of a healthy lifestyle among students; • to improve political and legal culture among students; • on timely delivery to students of information about socio-political and creative events taking place in the world and in the country • to create a healthy spiritual atmosphere among students; • organizing leisure time for students, organizing various interest groups corresponding to the direction and specialization of the educational institution. Teachers regularly organize and conduct round tables, meetings, training seminars, charity events and excursions with students, and show them videos and films on various moral and educational topics.

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