Head of the department: professor, doctor of medical sciences Ashurova Dilfuza Tashpulatovna.

Department staff: associate Professor, doctor of medical sciences. Zufarov A.A., associate professor, Ph.D. Akhrarova N.A., associate professor, candidate of medical sciences Sadirkhodzhaeva A.A., associate professor, Ph.D. Faizullaeva N.Ya., assistants: Ph.D. Mambetkarimova M.S., main teacher Yadgarova N.D., Tursunova O.A., Umarova M.S., Sharipova Z.U., Haldarbekova M.A., Yusupova G.K., Madrakhimova D.M., Muhammadyorova D.Sh., Sadikova A.M., Sadikova R.R., Abdullaeva U.U., Shermatova Z.A., Turaeva Y.Sh., Marupova N.A.

Doctoral students of the department: Zufarova N.I. (basic doctoral student – PhD), Sadikova A.M. (basic doctoral student – PhD), Yusupova G.K. (basic doctoral student – PhD), Shermatova Z.A. (basic doctoral student – PhD).

Applicants: Haldarbekova M.A. (PhD), Amanova N.T. (PhD).

Studies at the department are completed by 1st year students of the pediatric faculty in the subject “Introduction to a narrow specialty”, 1st year students of the faculty of higher nursing in the subject “Nursing”, 2nd, 3rd year students of the pediatric faculty, medical and medical-pedagogical faculty in the subject “Propaedeutics of childhood diseases” “”, 4th year students of the medical and biological faculty in the subject “Hematology”, 2nd and 3rd year students of the second faculty in the subject “Bioethics”. The department also trains residents in the specialty “Pediatrics”.

Currently, the department is conducting the following research:

1.“Clinical, diagnostic and prognostic criteria for juvenile rheumatoid arthritis” by basic doctoral student (PhD) Sadikova A.M.

2.“Clinico-pathogenetic characteristics of myocarditis in young children” by basic doctoral student (PhD) Yusupova G.K.

3.“Clinical characteristics and immunogenetics of the development of systemic lupus erythematosus in children” by basic doctoral student (PhD) Shermatova Z.A.

4.“Peculiarities of health status and assessment of microelement status in children with Down syndrome” by basic doctoral student (PhD) Zufarova N.I.

5.“Clinico-pathogenetic features of the course of anemia in patients with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis” by assistant M.A. Khaldarbekova.

6.“Peculiarities of adaptation in newborns born from mothers with COVID-19 infected at various times during the perinatal period” by assistant Amanova N.T.

Scientific potential of the department – 57.1%

The clinical bases where undergraduate students, as well as master’s students and clinical residents study are:

— clinic of the Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute;
— orphanage;

— building of the international faculty of the Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute.

Department staff actively participate in the development of methodological recommendations, teaching aids and textbooks. In addition, department staff, masters, applicants and doctoral students take an active part in international conferences, congresses and symposiums.

Employees of the Department of Propaedeutics of Childhood Diseases