The Faculty of propaedeutics of children’s diseases with the common care the Tashkent pediatric medical institute has been founded on August, 20th, 1972. To its first manager became d.m.s., professor Nazarmuhamedov Fahriddin Halmuhamedovich (1972-1981). Since 1982 for 1988 faculty corresponding member academy of medical sciences the USSR, d.m.s. managed., professor Shamsiev Sajfitdin Shamsievich, and since 1989 on 2009 managing faculty was d.m.s., professor Fajziev Hamitdzhan Nishanovich. Since 2010 for 2012 managing faculty was d.m.s., professor Ahmedova Dilorom Ilhamovna. Now managing faculty is с.m.s., docent Ashurova D.T.
Now employees of faculty are: d.m.s., docent D.T.Ashurova, d.m.s., docent A.A.Zufarov, с.m.s.,docent N.A.Ahrarova, assistants M.S.Umarova, O.A.Tursunova, Sh.B.Ergashev, Z.U.Sharipova, D.H.Dustmuhammedova, Mambetkarimova M.S.,Sadirhodjayeva A.A., Hadjiyeva Z.U., Nurmatova N.S. and also from a hematology course c.m.s., dosent Najmiddinova M.A., assistant Yadgarova N.D.
Training on faculty there pass students of 3-rd rate in a subject « Propaedeutics of children’s diseases », students of 1-nd rate in a subject « maintaining in medicine », and also students of 1 rate the medical sister of the top skills on a speciality « the Theory of sisterly affairs».
Besides on faculty scientific researches in following directions are carried out: «the Further perfection of preventive maintenance and treatment of вronchial tube -pulmonary diseases at children of early age with heavy a background ».
Also since 2018 year assistant Ergashev Sh.B. departments Phd doctoral studies after the direction pediatrics, the research supervisor Ashurova D.T. has arrived.
Employees of faculty, competitors actively cooperate with the following organizations: the Scientific research institute of pediatrics, the Scientific research institute Endocrinology Republics Uzbekistan, the Scientific research institute of Chemistry of vegetative substances Academy of sciences of republic Uzbekistan.
Employees of faculty actively participate in development of methodical recommendations, manuals and textbooks on propaedeutics of children’s diseases and on the common care of children. By present time they let out more than 20 methodical recommendations, 2 textbooks and educational grants. Besides employees of faculty, competitors accept active participation in the international conferences, the congresses and symposiums. By present time they publish more than 200 theses, 100 articles.