Topographic anatomy with the basics of Surgery is a “two-track” discipline, occupies an important place in the training of the general pediatric at the theory and clinical disciplines junction. Teaching topographic anatomy and operative surgery base on the presentation of topographic anatomical data for a request of the clinic. Topographic anatomy with the basics of Surgery must meet the requirements of modern medical science. Teaching Topographic anatomy and operative surgery institutes at the Medical Faculty of the pediatric intenders studying the students relatively age-organism, and therefore in the program of the subject are included the questions of operative surgery and topographic anatomy, not only adults but also children. The task of the discipline is that the operative surgery and topographic anatomy should be taught together in sections, that is, the first against the second and there should be a clear division of theoretical and practical training material. The main purpose of the lecture course discipline is a topographic anatomofiziologic justification the technic of operation in adults and children. This study consists of the consideration the topographic (surgical) anatomy and physiology this system or organ.