Library of Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute was established in September 1972. During library all the medical institutions of the CIS exchange their Fund and presented different kinds of books. During the opening of the library, its common stock was 42,291 books by the end of 2012 the fund was IRC 41,325 titles, 345,896 books. The number of readers, consisting of faculty, students, graduate and medical residents, has risen to 4,906 people. IRC was organized according TashPMI following regulations: Presidential Decree № 381 from PC 20.06.2006 “On the organization of the Republic to ensure the information and library resources,” the law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On the information activities of libraries”, adopted by the Legislative Chamber of 04.03 .2011, and approved by the Senate 25/03/2011 g and the decree “On the definition of libraries and information resource centers” and has developed its own charter. In order to carry out an order issued by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan № 295 of 29.12.2006 r “On the organization of the information and resource centers,” Rector of the Institute A.V.Alimov issued an internal order № 26 of 31.01.2007. Under this order library of the Institute was named an information resource center. In April 2007, the Scientific Council of the Institute discussed the development of the Charter of the IRC. Based on the decision of the Academic Council and has been developed. With a view to the introduction of modern information and communication technologies in the IRC Institute, the initiative of the rector, Professor B.T.Daminov, Reading room of the library was connected to a local network to the internal Portal Institute. With the help of the local network in the reading room of the Institute was organized by the “digital library.” In the Digital Library was created a full-text database of textbooks, which is 11,440 items. Currently Digital Library constantly replenishes its fund. It now includes 1,033 textbooks, 9,658 teaching and teaching aids, 337 literatures. IRC provided new computers, at present the number of computers used in library work, to 24.
All computers connected to the same IRC network. All the conditions for the use of e-library faculty and students. Since 2007, the Knowledge Base, created faculty TashPMI are introduced to the network «ZIYONET».

In IRC TashPMI have the following departments:
– department of acquisition;
– our technical processing of books;
– department of bibliographic information;
– department of literature;
– Service department of readers.

In the IRC has the following reading rooms, with a total area of 250 seats:
– Reading room of the scientific literature;
– Reading room of foreign literature;
– Evening reading room in the campus residence № 1;
– Evening reading room in the campus residence № 2;
– Daily reading room;
– Reading Room, located in the clinic of the Institute.

In 2000, our institution has signed a memorandum of cooperation between the Institute and Yonsei University in South Korea. They had provided humanitarian assistance, which was expressed in the institution receiving the gift of eight computers, one scanner, one Priter and 12,545 copies of the foreign medical literature. In June 2001, a presentation of Reading Room foreign literature and a scientific conference.
In April 2009, the IRC was held Republican TashPMI a training workshop on “Enhancing the operation of resource centers and medical educational institutions to ensure successful use of information and resource tools in the process of education and training”. Were invited to the seminar information agencies, representatives of TV, radio, press, and it was attended by the director of information and resource centers, 120 schools, colleges and institutes. Scientific workshop was held at high standards. Proceedings of the seminar published in the form of abstracts.
In August 2012 the IRC TashPMI was organized to create electronic catalogs Carmathians program and the program has been installed on the computers IRC. By February 2013 the RPI an electronic catalog that includes 414 items of scientific and educational literature.

Information Resource Center led by:

  1. Bogatkina Olga, from 1972 to 1995.
  2. Mukhamedova Karim NAZIRKULOVNA – from 1983 to the present