The work of the Department of spiritual and educational work and work with youth consists of:

Educating students of the Institute in the spirit of loyalty to the national idea, love for the Motherland, building a free and comfortable country, loyalty to noble goals;

Organization, coordination and control of spiritual and educational events aimed at educating young people in the spirit of loyalty and devotion to the Motherland;

Ensuring the implementation of tasks adopted annually at the Institute concerning the items of the state Youth program;

Ensuring and executing state programs under the Development Strategy of New Uzbekistan for 2022-2026, concerning parts of spiritual and educational tasks;

Conducting campaigning activities and conducting circles on the ” Five initiatives of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan to improve and content the free time of young people»;

Ensuring the implementation and communication to the Institute’s staff of normative documents, instructions of the Ministry of Higher and secondary special education, the Ministry of health;

Organization of systematic preventive campaigning aimed at forming a legal culture of legal awareness, uncompromising attitude to corruption;

Coordination and control of the activities of Deputy deans of faculties for work with youth and public councils;

Organization of agitation works on the book-reading of students, as well as increasing the culture of book-reading;

Organization of spiritual and educational work in places where students live;

Control of the spiritual and educational life of the Information resource center;

The creation of the necessary for “Axborot guruhi”;

Development of proposals and recommendations for improving the activities of the “Council of mentors”;

Cooperation with the “Women’s Committee”, “youth Union of Uzbekistan”, various social movements;

Organization of clubs and meetings, circles in spiritual enlightenment camps and coordination and control of their activities;

Perpetuation of the name of the great poet Berdakh and wide agitation of his work;

Ensuring mass participation of students and staff of the Institute in mass events, subbotniks, works on improvement of the Institute.

Organization and coordination of the activities of tutors.