Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated April 20, 2021 No. PF-6208 “On additional measures related to supporting entrepreneurship and youth employment, its social protection and meaningful organization of free time”:

Starting from May 1, 2021, 60 percent of students of state higher educational institutions not covered by dormitories and living on the basis of the right to rent in residential premises that do not belong to them, including their parents (legal representatives), will be reimbursed 50 percent of the monthly rent they pay at the expense of the State budget, provided that:

the reimbursable part of the rent in the city of Tashkent is a one-time amount of the base calculation, in other regions – no more than half the amount of the base calculation;

the refundable part of the rent should be reimbursed primarily to children from low-income families, exemplary and active students;

it was established that for other students living on the right of employment, part of the monthly rent can be reimbursed by higher educational institutions at the expense of their off-budget funds.

The applicant independently fills out the application form in accordance with Appendix 2 of this Regulation in two copies, attaching information or documents confirming at least one of the following categories:

1. The presence of children from low-income families (the declaration of a low-income family is carried out by district (city) micro-district and religious support departments or the automated system “Unified Register of Social Protection” in the manner prescribed by law.);

2. Families with many children who have lost their breadwinner (families with five or more children under the age of sixteen in which one or both parents have died) have children;

3. Persons with I and II disability groups;

4. Orphans and persons deprived of parental care who are in the full care of the state;

5. Children who are entrusted with guardianship or guardianship and who are brought up in a family (patronage);

6. Children from a family belonging to “Temir Daftar”;

7. Children from a family whose mother is included in the “Register of Women”;

8. Children of persons with I and II disability groups;

9. Family members are registered under the Labor Migration Program and temporarily work abroad;

10. Children from families in which parents need social protection (employment is not guaranteed, they want to work, they have no source of income, including those who have partially lost their ability to work);

11. Children from families in which two or more children study at a higher educational institution on the basis of a contract;

12. An exemplary and active student of a state university (winners of international, republican, regional and educational scientific olympiads and sports competitions, students with a high level of academic achievement, active participation in spiritual, educational and sports events, volunteering in public groups).