1.Edition is body of the Tashkent pediatric medical institute, being the structural division, accountable concerning industrial-financial activity.
2.Edition consists of the editor-in-chief, its assistant, the responsible secretary, зав.редакций and the technicians confirmed according to the list of staff.
3.Edition is guided in the activity by the current legislation, orders, instructions of Goskomizdata РУз, the publisher, and also decisions of an editorial board of magazine.
4.Leans in the work against a wide author’s active, involves in cooperation of scientists, executives of the ministry and departments, experts of the given branch.
5.Keeps account arriving correspondence, answers letters of readers, and also to authors of articles and other materials sent for the publication.
6.Supervises correctness of representation and registration of articles on consideration Editorial board according to the established order of passage of materials in magazine edition
7.Reviewing of manuscripts in probably short term, on occasion, when for an estimation of materials is required attraction of highly skilled experts – in time no more than three months from the date of receipt of materials in edition.
8.Gets acquainted with materials offered to the publication, participates in their discussion, the opinion expresses on them and achieves its carrying out in life, informing the opinion of the publisher in the presence of disagreements between members of an editorial board.
9.Carries out registration of materials for the press according to the requirements defined by standards, specifications, other standard documents and the contracts concluded between the publisher and publishing house, between publishing house and the polygraphic enterprise, bodies of distribution of the press and other organisations.
10.Edition has the right to accept or reject the material offered by the author, without directing it on reviewing if quality of the presented material gives the grounds enough for such decision.