Institute women’s committee primary organization

  1. Institute Women’s Committee Primary Organization is formed for giving women of the Institute a chance to fully participate in social-political, economic and cultural spheres of life activity, increasing the efficiency of works carried out for developing women’s cultural and intellectual abilities, as well as encouraging them from social and legal point of view, preserving mothers and children and creating sufficient conditions for them. 
  2. The Women’s Committee is engaged in implementation of cultural and educational works and carries out tasks on educating and training female students to be many-sided men.
  3. The main goals and objectives of the Committee include educating female students in the spirit of national independence idea, creating patriotism in respect with one’s Motherland, developing female students’ abilities to continuously improve knowledge and skills.  
  4. The Chairman of Women’s Committee was assigned with the Order of the Institute Rector.
  5. Issues concerned to activity of Women’s Committee are discussed by the Institute Scientific Council twice a year.
  6. The Women’s Committee carries out the following tasks while implementing its activity:
  • Organization of works on educating female students based on national and humanitarian values, historical heritage concerned to females, and traditions of oriental women.
  • Ensuring well-timed messaging of meanings of documentation developed on women’s issues to female students and execution of measures provided in that documentation.
  • Cooperation with various organizations for implementing cultural and educational activities among female students.
  • In cooperation with related organizations carrying out works on educating females in the spirit of fighting against religious extremism and terrorism, as well as works directed to prevention of crime and trespassing; organization of cultural and educational meetings, parties, seminars and conference connected with females’ activities and life.
  • Institute conducts meetings with female students living in the institute hostel.
  • The institute is engaged in solving women’s problems.
    In cooperation with Institute Management implementation of measures on determination of social status of the underprovided, children of large families and orphan students, as well as ensuring their  social preservation.
    On the basis of the order of the Women’s Committee of Uzbekistan on October 12, 2017, the society “Aëol wa salomatlik” and the club “Қizlarzhon” were established at the institute.