According to the order of the Rector of ToshPTI No. 371 dated August 30, 2021, the departments of Civil Society, Pedagogy and Psychology and Philosophy were reorganized and named the Department of “Social Sciences, Pedagogy and Psychology“. This department conducts training in the following disciplines:

  1. Pedagogy and psychology
  2. Philosophical sciences
  3. History of Uzbekistan

Professors and teachers working in the department today:

Shoyimova Shohista Sanakulovna – head of the department, candidate of psychology, associate professor

Professors of the department:
Haydarov Khurram Farmonovich – doctor of philosophy, professor
Nurmat Ergashevich Muhammadiev – candidate of philosophy, professor

Associate professors of the department:
Usta-Azizova Dilnoza Ahrorovna – Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor
Joraev Anvar Muhammadievich – Candidate of Philosophy, Associate Professor
Akhmedova Muborak Akhmedovna – Candidate of Philosophy, Associate Professor
Karimova Miyassar Jamoldinovna – candidate of historical sciences, associate professor
Khudaiberdiev Asomiddin Kurbonkulovich – PhD in philosophy, associate professor

Senior teachers of the department:
Mirzaeva Shahlo Rozmat’s daughter
Mirzaeva Nargiza Asrorovna
Gafurova Nodira Mirkhasilovna – PhD in pedagogy
Haytmatova Gulnoza Amanullaevna
Tagaev Mamarazzok Abdievich
Jumanova Gavhar Imomovna
Jabborova Yulduz Jumaniozovna
Alimova Muhiba Muzaffarovna
Saidazimov Kamal Tolkunovich
Tolaganova Gulnoza Olimjon girl – PhD in psychology.

Assistant teachers of the department:
Kuiliev Bobur Tulkinovich
Sagatova Zyida Bakhtiyarovna
Muratova Nozima Habibullaevna

Establishment and activities of the Department

From the first day of creation Tashkent Medical Institute, Department of Pediatric Stories rightful place among the other departments of the university, bringing together the other three departments of social sciences the main burden of the organization and to implement the ideological and political education.

  In the beginning Department of History was combined with political economy, in 1976, was identified in an independent unit. From 1972 to 1978, the department managed the laureate of Abu Rayhon Beruni, Associate Professor Jamil Salomov Kahharovich. From December 1978 to June 1980 the department was headed Associate O.U.Ubaydullaev. And from 1980 to 1985, the department was headed by Associate Professor M.S. Nasimova. The Department conducted a joint activity with the departments of “philosophy” and “Economy”.

In 1980-1990, the department of “Social Sciences” led B.Sh. Shakarov, E.V.Rahimov, MA Sultans, T.I.Norboev.

From 1999 to the present head of the department is a Ph.D. M.A.Akhmedova.

The collective of the Department “History of Uzbekistan” (1979-1980)

Cathedral session (1979 – 1980)

The teachers conducting their activities with the Department 1972-2012 year.

Heads of Department and assistant professors:А.S.Salomov, О.U.Ubaydullayev, B.Sh.Shakarov, М.S.Nasimova, М.Мirabdullaev, Т.N.Norboev, E.V.rakhimov, М.А.Sultanova, Т.G.Khomenko, R.Т.Kamilov, E.E.Ergashev,  М.А.Akhmedova. 

Senior teachers: А.А.Мakhmudova, М.А.Тursunov, А.М.Мirzakamolov, М.U.Urmanov,  М.E.saidakhmedov, Yu.Yu.Тukhtayeva. 

Teachers: D.E.Fotiadisa, Sh.А.Аblyakova, Kh.А.Davidov, S.Kh.Kadirova, B.Kh.Arifkhanov, Sh.К.Rakhimova, D.К.Arapbaeva, М.Т.Uksukbaeva, B.О.Turaboev, B.I.Salimova.

Scientific work of the Department:

1972-1985 year: “Development of health care in the higher education system in the Republic”. In this direction protected 3 the candidate dissertation: Nasimova M.S. – in 1980, Ubaidullaev O.U. – in 1978, Ergashev E.E. – in 1995.


Salomov Jamil Kakhharovich

Born in 1927, Uzbek, candidate of historical Sciences, laureate of the state prize named after Abu Raikhon Beruniy, associate professor in the 1972-1978 years headed “History and Political Science”. His PhD work is devoted to the theme of the Great Patriotic War. Under his leadership, teachers of department published more than 10 scientific papers and study guides.

Ubaydullaev Oqil Ubaydullaevich

Born in 1933, Uzbek, candidate of historical Sciences, in 1979 he headed the department of “History”. During this perod he created a healthy atmosphere for learning, teaching methods, scientific, spiritual and educational work. Under his leadership, published three monographs and more than 10 scientific papers and study guides.

Nasimova Mukhtabar Sodikovna

Born in 1933, candidate of historical Sciences, chaired the department from June 1980 to June 1985. Defended her thesis on the topic: “The activities of the CPSU in 1920-1956 for the education and development of higer medical education in the country”.

Norboy Toir Norboevich

Born 1945, Uzbek, the candidate of philosophical Sciences, since 1982 till August 1997 – was a head of the chair of Social-humanitarian Sciences”. During this period, was published several collections of articles, textbooks in Republican journals and the media on issues of spirituality in the period of independence.

Rakhimov Erkin Vasikovich

Uzbek, candidate of economic Sciences, head of the department in 1977-1983. Was awarded the Medal for Economic Planning of Healthcare of Uzbekistan. Actively participated in development of the activity of the Department or Institute.

Shakarov Berkin Shakarovich

Born in 1937, Uzbek, Doctor of Historical Sciences. Has defended the dissertation on a theme: “The role of the party in the development of national economy and economy”. 1988-1991 he headed the Department of “Political history and economics”. Author of more than 10 scientific and educational works.

Sultanova Mamura Aliyeva

Born in 1946, Uzbek, candidate of economic Sciences, associate professor. From 1983-1990 she was head of the department “Political Economy”. Author of over 25 scientific, methodical manuals, reports and monographs. Under her leadership defended 3 doctoral dissertations.

Ergashev Eshkul Eshimovich

Born in 1956, Uzbek, candidate of economic Sciences, Associate Professor, in 1995, has defended the dissertation on a theme :”Economic development of agriculture in Tashkent region”. Author of over 10 scientific, educational aids. Under his leadership, the teachers of the Department published more than 20 scientific works and methodical manuals.

Akhmedova Muborak Akhmedovna

Born in 1957, Uzbek, candidate of philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor, since 1979 senior researcher, lecturer, senior lecturer, associate professor and since 1999 she is a head of the department “The theory and practice of building a democratic society in Uzbekistan”. Has defended the dissertation on a theme “Aesthetic principles in the works of Magsud Shaykhzoda” (1994). Author of more than 70 methodical manuals and scientific papers.

Shoyimova Shokhista Sanakulovna, head of the department of social sciences, pedagogy and psychology 
Shoyimova Shokhista Sanakulovna was born in 1975, candidate of psychology, associate professor. In 1997, he graduated from Tashkent State University named after M.Ulugbek with honors. He started his career in 1997 as the head of the educational and methodological room at the Department of History and Philosophy of TashPTI Uzbekistan, from 1998-2003 he was a teacher, from 2003-2012 he was a senior teacher, from 2012-2021 he was an associate professor of the department, and also from 1999-2003 and 2016-2021 he was a Pedagogist. and in charge of the psychology course, since 2021 he has been working as the head of the Department of Social Sciences, Pedagogy and Psychology.
2009 Sh.S. Shoyimova defended her candidate's thesis on the topic "Social-psychological characteristics of the personality of entrepreneurial Uzbek women" 19.00.05 - majoring in social psychology, ethnopsychology. He 19.00.01 in 2017- History and theory of psychology. General psychology. He has the title of associate professor in the specialty of personality psychology and is the author of more than 150 scientific works, including 7 textbooks, 1 monograph, 5 training manuals, 1 manual, 3 teaching-methodical manuals, more than 130 articles and these