4.10.12 years Assistant of B.R. Karimkulova together with the students of the curatorial team of PV-I-302 traveled to the city of Samarkand. Visited Imam Al-Bukhari and ancient attractions Samarkand that left a big impression on the students.

“December 1, World AIDS Day, “Assistant Professor of pathological anatomy and the sectional course B.R. Karimkulova with his curatorial group 302-pedfak-and I had a conversation on the topic:” 1 December-World AIDS Day. In an interview, questions have been raised about the transmission, how protection and clinical manifestations of HIV and AIDS. The students were given the answers to their questions. The interview was interesting.

“8 December-Day constitution” of the senior lecturer of the Department of pathological anatomy section of Tursunhadjaeva Sh.U. with its curators group 301 I pediatric faculty interviewed on 8 December-Constitution Day of the Republic of Uzbekistan “. Students got answers to all your questions. The interview was informative and interesting.

«January 14-the day of defender of the fatherland. “ Associate Professor of pathological anatomy and the sectional course Karatayeva L.A. with his curatorial team 306 medical faculty of education held an event in honor of the day of defender of the fatherland ”

The 2011-2012 school year for the Department are conducting supervisory group. At the time they were 4 students of the course. To date, they learn the 7 course 1 pediatric faculty. 

There are spiritual moral work according to plan on the spiritual and moral work of TashPMI. The Department has a corner manaviyat va Marifat and curator’s case.

A senior curator at the Department of forensic medicine and medical law Assistant Burankulova N.M.

To chair in 2013-2014 school year attached the following curatorial Group 1-Pediatric faculty’s the following teachers:

716-1P- Yakubov X.X.

717-1P-Burankulova N.M.

718-1P-Pirieva L.V.

719-1P-Kodirov Q.U.

720-1P-Abdukarimov B.A.

Nearly all teachers know their students, to help you in learning and advice. Students turn to their superiors, not only in education but also in various life situations.

According to the Schedule 2 times a month classes in curatorial groups. Schedule and topics correspond to the requirements of the manaviyat va marifat and Institute TashPMI.

The curators of the groups visit your group on the bases of the Institute conduct interviews and participate in practical training, together with the students.

Groups are organized by poznovatel′nye with participation of representatives of law enforcement agencies.

January 13, 2013, 717-719-1 p and 1 p groups were interviewed on “the day of the defender of the motherland”. Students, together with the curators of these groups visited the places of the city. 

Members of the Department take part in the festivities, as well as the rest. For example, assistant Burankulova N.M. was sent on a tour of the city of Bukhara, along with staff from other departments of the Institute:

The scientific workers of the Department rested when you travel to a Conference in the city of Samarkand.

Children of employees went to a festive performance of puppet theatre of the Republican Conservatory of music in honor of the “New year” holiday.

Priority directions on “Cultural educational” work of the Department of “Forensic medicine and medical law ” for 2018-2019

1. Organizational issues on coordination of cultural and educational work at the Department

2. Activities aimed at the formation of a healthy lifestyle and culture

3. Working with the faculty women’s Committee

4.The work is aimed at improving the worldview and cultural and moral consciousness of the professorial-teaching staff of the Department.

05.10.2018 at the Department of forensic medicine was held a General meeting of the Department with students to discuss the issues of culture of behavior and dress.