Department of Pathological Anatomy was established in 1972. From the early days, and until 1999 undisputed leader was Vali Alimovich Alimov (1924- 2013), a graduate of the Tashkent Medical Institute, Associate Professor of Medical Sciences (1970), professor (1970), the Excellent, a leading pathologic anatomist of Tashkent. The activities of the department primarily associated with his name. Under the leadership of the department through V.A. Alimov have been dozens of its employees, who later became Ph.D. continued to work on other departments, both within the MAPMI, and in other institutions of the republic. Simultaneously with the beginning of the department was organized by V.A. Alimov scientific laboratory and created original school Pathologic-anatomists. At various times the laboratory  activities with leading Path-anatomical school of the USSR and Russia. Department of Pathological Anatomy is working closely with the Department of Pathology of the Tashkent Medical Academy, as well as helping in the work of the Department of Pathology of the Nukus medical institute, an affiliate TPMI. Over the years, the department worked with talented teachers such as, Ph.D. dots. Alfitaev A.S., Ph.D. Assoc. Suhanos H.A. From 2012 to the present day Department works with Department of Forensic Science.

History of Histology