The Department of Human Anatomy of Tashkent PTI was created in 1972 on the basis of the Tashkent and Andijan Medical Institutes. Then he entered the department in 1972-1978. The director was Professor Kh.Z. Zahidov. Prof. Zahidov Kh.Z. 3 associate professors, 1 senior teacher and 12 assistants began working under his leadership. In the 1997-98 and 2003-04 academic years, when the department of human anatomy was merged with the department of OHTA, the department was headed by Professor Sh. M. Akhmedov. In 1972, the department of pathological anatomy was also created. From the first days until 1999, the permanent head of the department was Alimov Veli Alimovich (1924-2013). Vali Alimovich is a graduate of the Tashkent Medical Institute, pathologist, candidate of medical sciences. professor (1970), medical and sanitary expert, leading pathologist in the city of Tashkent. The activities of the department are connected, first of all, with its name. V.A. Under the leadership of Alimov, more than ten employees of the department subsequently became candidates of sciences and doctors, and worked at the departments of SamPI and other universities of the republic. With the beginning of the work of the department V.A. Alimov created a scientific laboratory and created a unique school of pathologists. At various times, the laboratory of the department conducted research activities jointly with the leading pathological schools of the USSR and Russia. The Department of Pathological Anatomy works closely with the Department of Pathological Anatomy of the Tashkent Medical Academy, and also supports the work of the Department of Pathological Anatomy of the Nukus branch of Tashkent PTI. For several years, Associate Professor of Technical Sciences A.S. Alfitaev, Ph.D. Associate Professor N.A. Talented teachers such as Sukhanos worked. From 2012 to the present day, he has been working in collaboration with the forensic medical examination department. In 2009-2012, the Department of Human Anatomy functioned under the name “Anatomy, Histology, Cytology and Human Embryology.” Since 2020, the structure of the department has changed, instead of the science of histology, the science of pathological anatomy was added, and the department was named “Anatomy, pathological anatomy”. Currently, the department is headed by Doctor of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor Rasulov Khamidulla Abdullaevich as the head of the department.