Currently, the Department of Hospital Pediatrics number 1 and the basics of alternative medicine is located on the basis of GKDB No. 1 and GDK-DTS. Employees of the department are: Dr. med.Sc. Alieva N.R., associate professor Zuraeva Z.YE, associate professor Turdieva D.E., candidate of Medical Sciences Akromova Kh.A., Assistants: Shomuradova Sh.Sh., Ubaidullaeva O.Kh., Amanova N.A., Abdurakhmanova DF, Mukhamedzhanova F.R., Rakhmatillaeva M.Sh.

Education at the department are students of 5 and 6 courses on the subject “Hospital Pediatrics”, as well as masters and clinical residents in the specialty 5A 510201 – Pediatrics. In addition, the department conducts research in the following areas: “Development of early diagnosis and treatment methods for children with diseases of the respiratory system, cardiovascular system and organs of the gastrointestinal tract.”