Head of the department: Doctor of Medical Sciences, docent Aliyeva Nigora Rustamovna

Department staff: Doctor of Medical Sciences, docent Akramova Kh.A., PhD, docent Turdieva D.E., assistants: Amanova N.A., Ubaydullaeva O.Kh., Shomuradova Sh.Sh., Abdurakhmonova D.F., Yakubova D.M., Abrorova B.T., Muhammedjanova F.R., Tulegenova G.M., Youngil Song.

Doctoral students of the department: Rakhmatullaeva M.Sh., Ergasheva M.N. (basic doctoral students – PhD)

Independent applicants of the department: Abdurakhmonova D.F., Amanova N.A., Muhammedjanova F.R. (PhD).

The department trains 4-5 year students of the Faculty of Pediatrics, 3-4 year students of the Faculty of General Medicine in the module “Pediatrics”, 1-4 year students of the Faculty of Traditional Medicine, various areas of traditional medicine (“Nutriciology”, “Dietetics”, “Healthy life style”, “Manual therapy”, etc.), and 4th year students of the Faculty of Pediatrics study in the specialty “Pulmonology”. Also at the department, master’s students in the field of “Pediatric Pulmonology” and clinical residents in the field of “Pediatrics” are trained.

The department conducts scientific work in the following areas:

  1. “Prognostic criteria for the development of pulmonary hypertension in children with congenital heart defects” – basic doctoral student (PhD) Rakhmatillaeva M.Sh.
  2. “Clinical and functional indicators of health, physical and intellectual development of children playing chess” – independent researcher Mukhamedjanova F.R.
  3. “Improving the method of admitting premature babies born with heart defects for heart surgery” – independent researcher Abdurakhmanova D.F.
  4. “Clinical and functional characteristics of diseases of the small intestine in children living in the Aral region” – independent researcher Amanova N.A.
  5. “Clinical and laboratory criteria for systemic inflammation in children under one year of age” – basic doctoral student (PhD) Ergasheva M.N.

Scientific potential of the department – 40%

The clinical bases where students, masters and clinical residents are trained are:

— Tashkent City Children’s Clinical Hospital No. 1;

— Children’s National Medical Center;

— Republican Center for Traditional Medicine;

— Children’s Diagnostic Center of Tashkent;

— private hospital “Gulomjon Service”.

Department staff actively participate in the development of methodological recommendations, teaching aids and textbooks on pediatrics. Also, department staff, graduate students, independent researchers and doctoral students actively participate in international conferences, congresses and symposia.