Welcome to the official web page of the Department of “Otorhinolaryngology, Children’s Otorhinolaryngology and Dentistry of the Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute (TashPMI)

Head. cath. Dr. med. s. prof
Amonov Sh.E.

Head. course, Dr. med. s. prof.
Gulyamov S.S.

The official dynamic web page of the department was created by the order of the rector of the Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute prof. B.T. Daminova No. 43 of 31.01.2013 “On the official website of TashPMI (www.tashpmi.uz). The purpose of the page is to improve the quality of teaching, to facilitate the acquisition of education by trainers, to promptly inform teachers, employees, students, residents, clinical residents, doctoral students, parents of our students and patients, and business partners and feedback for the purpose of improving quality (educational, scientific, therapeutic) work of the team.

Course structure:

• Head of the course prof.

• Associate Professionals 1.0

• Assistants 2.0

Obligations (scope) of the course:

• Educational (providing training for students, doctoral students,).

• Scientific.

• Spiritually enlightening.

• Consultative and curative work.

• Public

Central Asian Medical Pediatric Institute, now Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute. Formation of a healthy and harmoniously developed generation is a priority direction of the policy of the Government of Uzbekistan.

The state of health, growth and development of children largely depend on the provision of quality specialized medical care. The most important part of health care is pediatrics, which considers the child’s organism in the process of constant development and functional improvement. All organs and systems of the child’s organism are in close interrelation. Disturbance of metabolism, defeat by the pathological process, either of a system or an individual organ, necessarily causes a disorder of the functional state in other systems and organs. In conditions; constant development and the formation of a child’s body is of great importance. Due to these circumstances, the close connection of a pediatrician with a pediatric dentist provides effective prevention, timely diagnosis and quality treatment of dental diseases.

Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute (TashPMI) is one of the largest medical institutions, has a huge role in the training of pediatricians. 2001 on the basis of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology TashPMI, at the initiative of Professor Khasanov S.A., under the guidance of Professor S. Makhsudov. and associate professor Shamsiev H.N. a course of pediatric dentistry was organized. From the moment of organization to the present time, the course’s employees have made a lot of efforts to improve the educational, educational, methodical, curative work and educational work among students. One of the important sections of the activity of the course of dentistry is the teaching and methodical work. The staff developed and approved standard educational and work programs for the discipline “Pediatric Dentistry”, prepared questions for computer testing and clinical tasks for an oral interview. Within the educational process, tests of various levels of complexity for students of 5,6 courses of pediatric, medical-pedagogical and medical faculties have been developed.

To date, the staff of the course of pediatric dentistry has published more than 41 articles from them 11 distant and near abroad, 30 theses and 3 teaching aids and 3 teaching aids.

The degree of staff is 90%

Annually, the course teachers improve their qualification in the faculties of advanced training in computer literacy and pedagogical skills.

Gradually improves the material and technical base of pediatric dentistry, in the outpatient department there were modern dental units equipped with turbine mobile attachments. It is encouraging to increase the frequency of application of modern, popular methods of treatment for dental patients. On the course of pediatric dentistry, treatment and prevention of dental diseases, sanitary and hygienic measures in the form of hygiene lessons, lectures and demonstration lessons on hygiene means are conducted in full. An important place in the process of teaching students is given to modern pedagogical technologies. At the lectures and practical sessions the teachers of the department widely use multimedia presentations, video films are demonstrated. In order to better master the material on the course, educational, technology, graphical organizers, educational and methodological recommendations for practical classes on all topics and sections of child’s dentistry have been developed.

In the period of 2011-2016, the Master’s Degree and Clinical Residency was organized in the direction “Pediatric Dentistry”. 16 graduates of the master’s degree will make a great contribution to the development and improvement of the quality of pediatric dentistry in our country.In the period of 2018-2019 the magistracy in the Children’s dento-facial surgery direction has been organized