About chair Welcoming word of the Head of chair, Professor Shavkat E. Amonov DEAR GUESTS! Welcome to the official web page of Otorhinolaryngology, Children otorhinolaryngology and stomatology chair of Tashkent Pediatric Medical institute (TashPMI)!

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Official dynamic webpage of the chair is created by order of rector (professor B.T.Daminov) of the Tashkent Pediatric Medical institute № 43 from 31.01.2013 «About official website of TashPMI» (www.tashpmi.uz). Aim of page: improving the quality of teaching, making easy of geting education, operative and objective informing of instructors, staff, bachelor students, master students, researchers, clinic residents, parents of listeners, patients, partners, sponsors and anyone who is interested to improve quality (education and research) of work of the staff. Content (title) of page in details You can know on map of page.

Our Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute and our department were established in 1972, because of the high birth rates in the Middle Asian Republics. During this period, the staff of the chair gained great experience in training pediatricians, general practitioners, family practitioners, and otolaryngologists for both children and adults. Since 2001 the department of ENT provides “Pediatric stomatology” course. In the structure of morbidity upper respiratory tract and mouth disease is widespread; the treatment involves otolaryngologists and general practitioners (GPs) and others. Therefore, teaching specialists the high quality modern diagnostic and therapeutic knowledge and skills is a priority in the health care system of the Republic of Uzbekistan. You can find educational, medical, scientific, spiritual, moral and social news of the chair, and navigate the Internet on contemporary issues of education, search for relevant information on the various search engines. First of all, the materials on this webpage are designed for students of 5th and 7th courses of “Pediatrics” and “Medical-pedagogy” faculties, clinical interns, residents, doctoral students of the Institution and teachers of the chair of “Otorhinolaryngology, children otorhinolaryngology and stomatology” in 3 languages. Also, the content page can be useful for parents who are interested in the success of their children for otolaryngology and stomatology. Employees of the chair and a large team of pediatric hospital under the leadership of docent, chief physician G.M.Usmanova are unique specialists in the country. Each lecturer and resident ENT Department has their scientific and medical direction. The information may be helpful to parents of our patients and for people with charitable intentions. Staff of the department teaches in 3 languages: Uzbek, Russian and English, and that are also required from the students! 85% staff of the chair has scientific degree and average age of the staff is 45 years. Teachers are trained in leading hospitals of Russia, Ukraine, Korea, Poland, France, Spain and Germany. Training abroad.doc The chair admits only those young people that are fit – regardless of their nationality or the location! Every day the chair brings something new: either by purchasing new equipments or by introducing original training methods of diagnosis and treatment, the staff is constantly improving pedagogical skills and qualifications. It is understandable that in a competitive environment – we should always keep up! Our team is working with both head and hands. We have no “not operating” surgeons. There is no separation of employees between that of “chair” and “clinic”! In order to improve the quality of duties the chair usually associate with international and local specialist partners and share experiences!

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Sincerely, head of chair, M.D., professor Sh.E. Amonov