The department of traumatology and orthopedic surgery of Tashkent pediatric medical institute was founded in 1972. The first managing of course became the assistant professor Turgunov Shermat Baydanovich (1972-1998 yy.).Since 1992 on 2008 department managed MD, professor Djalilov Pathilla Salihovich, but since 2009 on 2010 managing department was MD professor Djalilov Aziz Pathillaevich. Since 2010 managing department was MD professor Zolotova Nataliya Nikolaevna. At present managing department MD prof. Kariev Gayrat Maratovich. At present employee of the department are: MD, prof I.Yu.Hodjanov, MD N.N. Zolotova, assistant professor M.N. Buriev, assistant professor A.K. Ganiev, assistents U.K. Narzikulov, U.SH. Ruzikulov, S.S. Gulyamov, M.M. Iskandarov, T.G. Aliev, J.T Umarov, B.N Ergashev, A.J. Yuldashev. Education on department pass the students 4-th course physician-pedagogical faculty on subject Traumatology and orthopedics , students 5-th course of the pediatric faculty on subject Nursery traumatology and orthopedics , students 6-th course on subject Nursery traumatology and orthopedics . Besides, scientific studies are conducted on department on the following directions: politrsuma of children, hip joint pathology, deforming the thorax, steady-state deforming the spine, orthopedic complication of the baby cerebral palsy. The Employees of the pulpit, competitors actively co-operate with the following organization: Research institute to traumatologies, Research Institute to endocrinology, Republican centre emergency help, Russian and Korean institute and clinic. The Employees of the pulpit actively participate in development methodical recommendation, scholastic allowance and textbook on baby traumatology and orthopedicses. Currently them is released more than 40 methodical recommendations, 3 textbooks and scholastic allowances. Besides, employees of the pulpit, competitors take the active participation in international conference, congress and symposium. Currently pulpit has more than 500 publications. The Employees of the pulpit, as well as employees of the branch to traumatologies to orthopedicses take the active participation in development and introduction modern technology in practical person of the baby traumatology to orthopedicses. Here is already on length several years is realized close-fitting interaction and exchange scientifically-practical experience with specialist from South Korea. Also close contacts are supported with domestic colleague and specialist from Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine and other.