The Department of Faculty Pediatrics of the Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute was founded on August 20, 1992. From the date of its organization to the present day, the department has been headed by Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Akida Valievna Muratkhodzhaeva.

Department staff: Doctor of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor Aliev A.L., Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor Dauksh I.A., Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor Shoislamova G.S., Candidate of Medical Sciences ., associate professor Takhirova R.N., candidate of medical sciences, associate professor Pirnazarova G.Z., PhD, associate professor Akhrarova F.M., department assistants: Khakimova U.R., Ikramova D.T., Makhkamova Yu. Sh., Ibodullaeva Sh.Yu.

Doctoral students of the department: Khodzhaeva N.A. (basic doctoral student - PhD)
Independent applicants of the department: Khakimova U.R. (PhD)
The department trains 3rd and 4th year students in the educational areas “Pediatrics”, “General Medicine”, “Medical and Biological Studies”, and clinical residents in the specialty “Pediatrics” are also trained at the department.
The main clinical base of the department is the 4-City Children's Clinical Hospital of Tashkent.