The course is attended by students: – 4 courses of the medical-pedagogical faculty on the subject “Medical genetics”, – 4 courses of the medical faculty on the subject “Medical genetics”, – 5 courses of the pediatric faculty on the subject “Medical genetics”, During the training, modern pedagogical technologies (graphic organizers, project, case methods, multimedia presentations) and information and technological resources are widely used. Assessment of students’ knowledge is carried out according to the rating system. The members of the department created in the Uzbek and Russian languages ​​methodical recommendations, working programs for students, Currently, there are 2 professors, 1 senior assistant, 2 associate professors, and students teach not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical exercises. In 2011 it was published by Professor O.E. Ishankulov and assistant M.Sh.Bosimov the textbook “Medical genetics”.