Head of the Department: Professor Madjidova Yokuthon Nabievna.

Employes of the Department: prof. Sadykova G.K, Associate Professor Nurmuhamedova M.A, Associate Professor Maksudova Kh.N., Associate Professor Ziyahodzhaeva L.U, Associate Professor Khalilova A.E, Assistants Abdumavlyanova N.A, Azimova N.M, Kim O.V., Khamidova N.A, Usmanov S.A, Tadjiev M.M, Nosirova D.Sh., Usmanova D.D., Saidkhodjaeva S.N, Alijanova D.A, Doniyorova F.A, Nishonbaev A. Kh., Mohammedkhanova M.I, Shirmatov Sh.A.

Trainee Genetics: prof. Eshonkulov O.E., prof. Sharipova M.K., ass. Boboniezov K.K., ass.Bosimov M.S.

Doctoral student of the department: Tukhtabaeva K.A., Omonova U.T., Ergasheva NN, Saidkhodzhaeva SN, Alijanova D.A.

Competitors: Khalilova A.E.

Education students in the department are 5-6 courses health Faculty of Education on the subject of “Neurology”, the 5th year of pediatric faculty on the subject of “Neurology, child neurology,” students of 7 course on the subject of “Neurology”, work of nurses in neurology disease for High degree nurses for 2nd course, for foreign 3d course students, and an speciality by child neurology – pediatric neurology and neurology. Also, the department trained medical residents in the specialty “Neurology child neurology” and “neurology”. 

At the department conducts research in the following areas: “Perinatal Pathology and abnormal development of the nervous system”, “neuroorthopedical syndrome”, “The defeat of the nervous system in helminths and TORCH infections”, “cardiocerebral syndrome.”

Science degree of department – 56%.

Clinical sites, where trained magistrates and medical residents, as well as students, are TashPMI hospital, railway hospital, 3rd city children’s clinic hospital, 5 City clinic Hospital.

Members of the department, as well as masters, and doctoral candidates are actively cooperating with the following organizations: the Research Institute of Pediatrics, Institute of Thoracic Surgery, Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics, Institute of Virusology. Department staff are actively involved in the development of guidelines, training manuals and textbooks on neurology. In addition, the department, masters, and doctoral candidates are actively participating in international conferences, congresses.

Conference Current issues in developmental neurology. 2024 January 15-16