Department of Neurology, Child Neurology Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute was founded August 20, 1972 on the basis of the Department of Nervous Diseases 17th city hospital. Its first head was Professor Abdukhakimov Fattah Tursunovich (1972-1991).


From 1991 to 2012, the department led by Professor Sadykova Gulchekhra Kabulovna. Employees of the department for the first time in the Soviet Union developed clinical diagnostic criteria and treatment of nervous system lesions in atherosclerosis and hypertension, myocardial infarction, and hollow vein diseases and febrile seizures and perinatal lesions of the nervous system that are put into practice. 


Currently, the department headed by Professor Madjidova Yokuthon Nabievna.


The department has clinical sites with 160 beds:

     • Base of study There are 25 bunks at Neurology department of TPMI hospital

     • There are 20 bunks at the Neurology in TPMI

     • There are 80 bunks in Iron-Way hospital

  • There are 30 bunks in centre of 5-hospital;

Members of the department created in Uzbek and Russian languages guidelines, work programs for students, medical residents, graduate students.

Since 1972, the department reserved 14 master’s and one doctoral dissertation, published more than 1000 scientific papers, 2 textbooks, 50 manuals and guidelines. Dana, reviews of more than 500 scientific papers (theses, manuals and articles).

At the department is actively working SSS, for all the work that society holds more than 100 reports.

During operation of the department internship, residency and the magistracy were more than 100, more than 150 highly trained professionals. 

The scientific direction of the department: “The defeat of the nervous system in congenital, hereditary and some acquired diseases of the nervous system.”