Education students in the department are 5-6 courses health Faculty of Education on the subject of “Neurology”, 5-6 courses  Faculty of Medicine metter on the subject of “Neurology”, the 5th year of pediatric faculty on the subject of “Neurology, child neurology,” students of 7 course on the subject of “Neurology”, work of nurses in neurology disease for High degree nurses for 3rd course, for foreign 3d course students, and an speciality by child neurology – pediatric neurology and neurology.

Also, the department trained medical residents in the specialty “Neurology child neurology” and “neurology”.

Clinical sites, where trained magistrates and medical residents, as well as students, are TashPMI hospital, railway hospital, 3rd children city clinic hospital, 5th City Clinik Hospital.

Scheme history of ilness


Pediatric Neurology

Nevrology of newborns

Neurological status and it’s interpretation

Nevrology 4/2015

Neurology 4/2017


Basal leptomeningitis

Huntington’s disease

Hepatolenticular degeneration, Wilson-Konovalov’s disease

Neurotransmitter imbalance – as a basis for development of attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity

Locomotor and trophic disorders with spinal hernias in children

Pathogenetic approaches to diagnosis and treatment of tension headache in children and adolescents

The effectiveness of Demoton T in the treatment of acute pain in the back

The effictiveness hirudotherapy in the treatment of patients with transient ischemic attacks

Venous dyscirculation in patients with dyscirculatory encephalopathy

Innovative pedagogical technologies in the teaching of the subject “Neurology”

Rossolimo-Curschmann-Steinert-Batten myotonic dystrophy (clinical case)

Analysis of risk factors for spinal anomalies in children

Clinical and molecular – genetic features of progressive muscular dystrophies of Duchenne / Becker in Uzbekistan

Anomalies in the development of the nervous system in children born to mothers with TORCH infection

Vertebral-basilar insufficiency: etiopathogenetic and clinical-diagnostic aspects

Neurological disorders with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus erythematosus

Features of neurological complications in children with type 1 diabetes mellitus

Characteristic of epileptic encephalopathy without convulsive paroxysms

The pathogenetic mechanisms of tension-type headaches in children and principles of its prevention

The peculiarities of focal epilepsy during pregnancy and after childbirth

The frequency of dystrophin gene mutation in the families of patients with duchenne\becker muscular dystrophy in Uzbekistan population

Aspects of perinatal nervous system damage in children

Clinical features of cognitiv eimpairment and seizures in various forms of cerebral palsy in children

About stereognosis study for evaluation morphofunctional organization of the cortical tertiary zones in children

Hearing impairment in children with cerebral palsy

Influence of pharmacotherapy o n function of kidneys and vascular endothelium in experimental ischemic stroke

Epilepsy and pregnancy

Study of disorders of the auditory analyzer in children with various forms of infantile cerebral palsy