Responsible for the scientific activity of the department: Doctor of Ph.D. (PhD), assistant to Adilova D.S.
The scientific direction of the department is “The study of clinical and pathophysiological changes in diseases of the cardiovascular system (arterial hypertension, chronic heart failure, coronary heart disease), the development of treatment methods based on them” (cipher 0005), the head of which is Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor B.A. Alavi.
Scientific direction: “Study of clinical and pathophysiological changes in diseases of the cardiovascular system (arterial hypertension, chronic heart failure, coronary heart disease), development of treatment methods based on them.”

Scientific research. Dissertations have been defended:

  1. Assistant Artykbayev Zh.O. (PhD – 2022);
  2. Assistant to D.S. Saipova (PhD – 2022);
  3. Assistant Alimkhanova K.N. (PhD – 2022);
  4. Assistant A.N. Abduvakhitova (PhD – 2022);
  5. Assistant Kayumov N.U. (PhD – 2022);
  6. Assistant Asadov N.Z. (PhD – 2022);
  7. Iskhakov Sh.A. (PhD – 2022);
  8. Kamilova S.E. (PhD – 2022);
  9. Assistant Abbasov A.K. (PhD – 2022);
  10. Makhmudova N.R. (PhD – 2022);
  11. Raimkulova N.R. (DSc – 2022);
  12. Daminova K.M. (DSc – 2022);
  13. Assistant to Adilova D.Sh. (PhD – 2022);
  14. Assistant Nigmonov B.B. (PhD – 2022).

To date, 9 doctors of sciences and 24 candidates of sciences, 5 professors and 15 associate professors work at the department.
Head of the department: MD, Professor Alavi Bahromkhon Aniskhonovich.

Staff of the department: MD, Professor Alavi B.A., MD, Professor Daminov B.T., MD, Associate Professor Sabirzhanova Z.T., MD, Associate Professor Raimkulova N.R., MD, Associate Professor Egamberdieva D.A., MD, Associate Professor Atahodzhaeva G.A., MD, Associate Professor Muminov D.K., MD, associate Professor Muminov Sh.K., MD, Associate Professor Abdullaev Sh.S., PhD, Associate professor Kadirova G.G., PhD, Associate Professor Karimdzhanova G.A., PhD, Associate Professor Mirzayeva B.M., PhD, associate Professor Ruzmetova I.A., Ph.D., Associate Professor Tursunbaev A.K., Ph.D., Associate Professor Arnapolskaya D.I., Ph.D., Associate Professor Aripova J.S., Ph.D., assistant Sharapov O.N., Ph.D. (PhD), assistant Abbasov A.K., D.F.M.N. (PhD), assistant Aripkhodzhaeva F.Z., D.F.M.N. (PhD), assistant Asadov N.Z., D.F.M.N. (PhD), assistant Odilova D.Sh., D.Ph.D. M.N. (PhD), associate Professor Ortikboev Zh.O., Ph.D. M.N. (PhD), assistant Usmanova U.S., Ph.D.M.N. (PhD), assistant Khamraeva N.A., Ph.D.M.N. (PhD), assistant Abduvakhitova A.N., Doctor of Ph.D. (PhD), assistant Mirsaidova H.M., Doctor of Ph.D. (PhD), assistant Kayumov N.U., Doctor of Ph.D. (PhD), assistant Nigmanov B.B., assistant Asomov M.I., assistant Valiev A.A., assistant Gazieva H.Sh., assistant Nurmukhamedova E.K., assistant Jabbarova A.M., assistant Ikramova A.Sh., assistant Igamberdieva R.Sh., assistant Saidov Sh.B., assistant Tursunbaev R.S., assistant Usmonov D.A., assistant Khudoiberdieva G.A., assistant Daminov A.B., assistant Akramov B.B., assistant Bazaripov S.Zh., assistant Hatamov E.A., assistant Yuldasheva Y.H., assistant Rasulev E.E., assistant Halmukhamedov J.A., assistant Minovarova C.A., assistant Azizov Sh.I., assistant Fazilbekova Z.N., assistant Ismailova E.N.

Scientific potential of the department — 66.6%
Currently, the following studies are being conducted at the department:

1. “Hemodynamic and immunological features of pregnancy in patients with chronic pyelonephritis” by assistant (PhD) Nurmukhamedova E.K.

2. “Pathogenetic significance of immunological, metabolic and vascular disorders in the progression of osteoarthritis and ways of correction” by assistant (PhD) Gazieva H.Sh.

Student Scientific Society. Every year bachelor’s, master’s and clinical residents students participate in scientific research conducted on the basis of the department. The results of their scientific works are published in the collection of abstracts of the student scientific conference. 20 students took part in Olympiads on internal diseases.
Scientific conferences. The staff of the department regularly undergo internships and participate in congresses, congresses and conferences both in Uzbekistan and abroad. Thus, the staff of the department take part in the international scientific and practical conferences of cardiology and therapy held annually. In addition, the department annually organizes international scientific and practical conferences devoted to topical issues of nephrology.
Scientific publications. Over the past 10 years, the staff of the department has published more than 1,500 scientific articles, 20 monographs and received 12 patents for computers from the intellectual property agency.



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