3 courses pediatric, physician – pedagogical and medical faculty;
5 courses physician – a pedagogical faculty (9);
6 courses pediatric (52) and physician – pedagogical (13 groups) of the faculty;
7 courses pediatric (39 groups) and physician – pedagogical (11 groups) of the faculty.

All worker program and educational technologies on course and faculty revised. The graphic organayzers are Complemented. The Complemented standards of the treatment on nosology. For student 3 courses on subject propedeuticus internal diseases is published scholastic methodical allowance of the professor Mahmudov B.H. department works on publishing the Textbook for master on professions “Cardiology” in russian language of the Textbook ” internal diseases ” on uzbek language electronic textbook Prepares for bachelor on internal disease Practical skills

3 courses pediatric faculty- 40
3 courses physician – pedagogical fakulitet-40
5 courses physician – pedagogical fakulitet-10
6 courses pediatric faculty- 10
6 courses physician – pedagogical fakulitet-10
7 courses physician – pedagogical fakulitet-20
7 courses pediatric faculty- 8