The research work of the department. Direction of scientific activity of the department is “Pathogenesis, clinic, diagnosis and treatment of internal diseases in vulnerable populations.” This direction is developed by a team from the department in 2004. Scientific research provides guidance Chair Professor Babajanov A. S. To date, the subject is protected by one doctoral dissertation (Babajanov AS “Socially vulnerable groups – clinical characteristics and principles of the organization of medical care.” 2007). The main results obtained in this study should include the setting of higher incidence in this group compared with the population, the earlier and greater disability. At the same time, the nosological spectrum is detected in the studied group of diseases was identical to that of the population. Accordingly, the vulnerable groups of the population have a higher need for essential health care – outpatient, inpatient and “ER.” Currently in this area performed 1 doctor (Kenzhaeva G. R “State of the liver as a component of reproductive health. Complex clinical, laboratory and social-hygienic research”) and 3 Ph.D. thesis. Employees of the Department in carrying out research work together with the Department of Treatment and Prevention of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent city MLCE, CSRL Tashkent Medical Academy, Clinic TashPMI, City Clinical Hospital № 5, № 7center clinic with the Health Association of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Research results are reflected in more than 70 publications, including 25 journal articles, including at the 4 – in international journals and presented at international and national conferences and congresses. Research results are used in the practice of medical diagnostic center clinic № 2 with the Health Association of Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan, the Health Part of Uzbek Academy of Sciences, Clinical Hospital № 5, TashPMI therapy department clinics and other medical institutions of the country.

The studies are used as an additional therapy in the teaching of literature in the departments of Therapy TashPMI and Internal Medicine Tashkent Medical Academy, the teaching of radiation hygiene at the Department of General and Radiation Hygiene TMA, in teaching of social hygiene and public health organization in the departments of public health, health management and marketing TMA and TashPMI, and the teaching of medical labor expert at the Department of VTE TIAME. Published guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the nervous system in liquidators of the Chernobyl accident (Tashkent, 2000).

In the department students perform scientific work developed by the Department of Scientific work- “Characteristics of pathogenesis, clinics, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of internal medicine at the socially vulnerable groups of the population.” Responsible for the work of the Student Scientific Society is an assistant Tuhvatulina E. R.

Students visit  conferences, congresses and conventions of therapy, cardiology, gastroenterology and others.