Head of the department: Doctor of Medical Sciences, Yusupalieva Gulnora Akmalovna

Department staff: Ph.D. (PhD), assistant Abzalova M.Ya., Ph.D. (PhD), assistant Akhmedov E.A., assistant Sultanova L.R., assistant Ortikboeva Sh.O., assistant Umarova U.A., assistant Bekimbetov K.N., assistant Akhralov Sh.F., assistant Yuldashev T. A., assistant Turdiev F.E., assistant Sattorov B.B., assistant Abdusattorov Sh.Sh.

Doctoral student of the department: Shomansurova Indira (basic doctoral student – PhD)

The department trains 3rd and 4th year students in the educational direction of “Medical Radiology in the educational areas “Pediatrics”, “General Medicine”, “Medical and Pedagogical Studies”, “Medical and Biological Studies”, clinical residents and undergraduates are also trained at the department in the specialty “Medical Radiology”.

Employees of the Department of Medical Radiology

Department of Medical Radiology