On the department “Clinical radiology” actively conducted spiritual and educational work with students, clinical residents and graduate students on the approved plans. The department “Clinical radiology” are conducted weekly meetings on the themes derived from the department “Marifat Ma’naviyat ” and also following events:
• Classes on the day of independence of Uzbekistan on “You are great and sacred independent homeland” with graduate students 1 -, 2 -, 3 – course an clinical residents students.
• Conduct talks about the dangers of smoking, drugs, alcohol, the fight against terrorism and religious extremism for the aim of development of a healthy way of life
• By ” The teachers and mentors day” the event “Kontow to you teachers” takes place
• The event was held on the day of the discovery of X-rays.
• In December, a workshop dedicated to the fight against AIDS .
• By the day of the Constitution, a workshop with presentation reports.
• Measures are taken on the day of “Defenders of the Motherland” and the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
• The Department also conducts events dedicated to the birthday of the great thinker Alisher Navoi, reports of students on the theme: “The life and work of Alisher Navoi” and “Creating works of “Hamsa” are listened
• Also held events dedicated to the birthday of the poet and military leader Zakhiriddin Muhammad Babur, the reports of students on the theme “The life and work of Muhammad Babur Zakhiriddin” are listened
• Seminars with medical residents, graduate students and students on the theme “offenses and crimes among young people”;
• Discussion was held on the adverse outcomes of piercing and tattooing;
• The 8th of March, members of the department, graduate students and medical residents organize events to celebrate International Women’s Day;
• In the “Memorial Day,” members of the department attended the family of founder T.M.Mirzaev, associate professor and assistant professor I.R.Rasulov and Z.R.Fazylova;
• In the “Children’s Day” – June 1, measures are being taken by students, and gifts are prepared for children in hospital care in the clinic TashPMI.
• The course is timely updating texts on these subjects in the department “Ma’naviyat va Marifat.”
Curators work
Curatorial work is carried out as planned.
• The work with attached groups and teachers, is organized by senior curator of the department, the results are discussed weekly
• Curators are in constant contact with the groups, know their living conditions in the hostel, conduct joint activities.
• Curators with their groups visit the museum of Amir Temur, memorable places and sights of Tashkent.
• Curators with their groups hold discussion on topical issues of delinquency and crime among young people, the dangers of smoking, drugs and alcohol, the struggle against terrorism and religious extremism.