The plan on spiritually-moral work on chair is made and confirmed in August, 2012 and spent regularly. Spiritually-moral work is spent under the plan regularly and recorded. The corner «Маnaviyat and marifat» is updated constantly by works of the President of Islam Каrimov s. Stands on « Маnaviyat and marifat », «a healthy way of life» are updated. Banners and stands «Uzbekistan with the great future», «Struggle against AIDS» are created. On regularly spent by employees of chair «Ахборот соатлари» students get acquainted with works of the President, with session decisions «Олий мажлис», Cabinet RUz. Students as are informed by last achievements in the medicine world, on a political arena. For the purpose of formation at students of high moral quality, education of high level of culture, universal norms, patriotism – talks on themes are given: «the Native land Future in youth hands», «Moral shape of the student». «Education and formation of the person of the future». Talks on themes about essence of Islam and religion in general are given. About the moral parties of Islam, about danger of religious currents, such as Hisbut-Tahrir, etc., about «Religion and the Society», «the Purposes of religious currents and sects». For the purpose of creation of ideological immunity and ideological education talks about harm Vahhobizms, about enemies of Islam, about vigilance are given, the video films devoted to ideological education of students are shown. In days of celebrating of national holidays the 21 anniversary of Independence, «Day of the Teacher», the Constitution day, Day of defenders of the Native land are given talks about Republic achievements for expired period. Curators of the academic groups constantly hold meetings before examinations, the constant control over progress, also are spent spiritually-educational work – theatres, museums are visited, familiarise with new achievements of Republic Uzbekistan. Employees of chair spend visitings and watches in student’s hostels, consultations concerning interesting students are carried out.