Information about students hostels for foreign students

The students of  Tashkent pediatric medical institute have the opportunity to live in the hostel of the institute, where all conditions for their independent education are created.

Every year the number of people entering the Tashkent pediatric medical institute increases, which leads to the restriction of places in the hostel, his regard, foreign students,with the support of the institute, are distributed to private homes upon official registration of all documents,and they periodically inform the Department of International Relations about the change of their place of residence.

Foreign students studying in Tashkent pediatric medical institute are constantly monitored by group curators, internal affairs officials and the Department of International Relations. There are all data on the place of residence of foreign students in the Department of International Relations.

Student security information

In transport and public places
• Be alert, do not switch all attention to gadgets when you are on the road or in public places.
• Do not leave things unattended.
• Do not walk around the city with open bags and backpacks. In crowded places, hold the bag in front of you.
• Do not show expensive things in public transport (phones, tablets, watches, ornaments).
• Do not carry large amounts of money.
• Do not store PIN-codes of bank cards in one place.

Electronic security
During Internet purchases, Internet communication, follow the same security measures as at home. Do not share your card PINs, passwords, or other sensitive information with anyone.

Nobody is immune from meeting with scammers. Therefore:
• Do not trust strangers, do not leave your things to them and disagree on questionable offers about services.
• Do not accept offers to make a company from strangers and suspicious personalities.
• All transactions with credit cards, phone cards, money transfers, currency exchanges, purchases should be made only through official banks and companies.
• Do not buy SIM cards for mobile phones and other products from street vendors: there is a high risk of scams. It is much safer to go to the nearest salon, shop.
• Money, especially large amounts, needs to be rented at bank branches or at ATMs located in specially designated premises. Do not buy or exchange currency from the hands, from individuals (there is a risk of obtaining counterfeit bills).

On a rest
• It’s better to go to clubs or concerts with friends.
• In entertaining establishments, try to stay together, look after each other and things – in the midst of fun it’s easy to stay without a bag, money and documents.
• It is safer to return home by taxi or public transport. If you go on foot, choose lighted streets.
• Do not draw too much attention to yourself. Having met a suspicious company, try to move to the other side of the street, quickly pass by and not react to their hail.

It is not necessary to catch a taxi on the street: among the illegal drivers there are unscrupulous people; you risk not only to not reach the place, but also to remain without money. Order a car from an officially operating company – this will ensure your safety and a fixed fee. In large cities, you can quickly find a taxi using mobile applications (for example, My taxi, yandeх taxi).

On the roads
Cross the road only in authorized places – at traffic lights and pedestrian crossings. First, be sure to look around, and only after making sure that there are no cars on the road, cross the roadway.

Verification of documents
Outside the university or university campus, it is better to have a passport and student ID.

Free emergency telephones
Keep emergency telephones with you, and in case of the slightest danger, immediately seek help.
• 102 – The police
• 103 – Emergency medical care
• 101 – Fire service
• 104 – Emergency gas service
• 1050 – The Rescue Service (MES)