Foreign applicants applying for admission to the Tashkent pediatric medical institute must have electronic forms of documents listed in the list below.

Reception of documents will be carried out remotely by the link:

After submitting the documents, each applicant will be sent a notice on the acceptance of documents and an ID number at the email address indicated by the applicant.

List of documents required for applying to the Tashkent pediatric medical institute:
1. High school certificate or diploma or equivalent certificate of education. Notarized or apostilled translation into Russian with transcriptions;
2. An academic certificate, an extract from the transfer order for the next course, a Diploma and its transcript or other documents confirming the courses of study at a medical university; (for students who carry out the transfer)
3. Copy of passport (pdf);
4. Autobiography or curriculum vitae (pdf);
5. Medical certificate (form 086 or general medical certificate of health status) (pdf);
6. Medical certificate on the result of studies on the presence of antibodies to HIV (form 503) (pdf);
7. Certificate of knowledge of Russian or Uzbek languages ​​(pdf); (if available)
8. PINFL – Certificate of availability of a Personal identification number of an individual (pdf); (if available)

Applicants must submit the following list of documents on the day of the oral interview:
1. Statement to the rector;
2. Portrait photo of the applicant by size: 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm – 6 pcs .;
3. Envelope – 2 pcs.;
4. Folder – 2 pcs.