The basic directions of department activity are:
• Development and support of a computer and information infrastructure of institute.
• Introduction of information technology in process of education, information systems and systems of management automation of educational process.
• Conducting of seminars-trainings for the faculty of institute in the field of modern information technology.
• Maintenance of teachers, post-graduate students and students of institute access to the Internet.
• Establishment and strengthening of creative communications with Republic educational institutions, the centres and structures with a view of creation of joint training courses on new information technology.
• Creation and support the Internet Site of institute with the full information on Institute activity.
• Organize offers entering of computer classes.

Management and the organization of department activity:
• Department management is carried out by the chief of the department, who appointed by rector’s order.
• Workers of department are accepted by the rector under the recommendation of the chief of department.
• The Chief presides at all activity according to Position of Department and the institute Charter.

Department structure: the Department has 5 job positions, from them:
• Chief of department
• Programming engineer
• System programmer
• Manager of a network
• Technician

Department duties:
• Maintenance of work computer and office equipment’s in institute;
• Complex safety of a computer network of institute;
• Installation of the system, applied and specialised software;
• Consultation of teachers and employees concerning use of information technology in educational and organizational process;
• Diagnostics of failed computers and office equipment’s;
• Repair of system blocks – restoration of the data, testing, repair or replacement of components;
• Assistance to creation and introduction of the newest information technology in educational process;
• The application organisation in educational process of institute of the modern equipment’s promoting increase of learning efficiency.