The clinical internship – the kind of formation concerning system of retraining of personnel, is a part of multilevel structure of continuous vocational training of doctors. Training of doctors in clinical internship is carried out under the nomenclature of the medical specialities, confirmed by the Decision of the Cabinet №319 from 18.12.2009y. And the order Ministry of Health of Republic Uzbekistan №204 from 12.07.2012y, according to the curriculum and the curriculum on each speciality, made on the basis of qualifying requirements to the expert.
By Republic Uzbekistan Ministry of Health are defined a reception quota in clinical internship as target (with the conclusion after receipt of the tripartite contract with the employer – territorial controls public health services, other departments) and on the general competition (without the contract conclusion). Competitive selection on target training is carried out according to the allocated places on specialities, proceeding from a territorial principle – among the applicants living (or having desire on the subsequent employment) in one region of republic. The target places blank following the results of competition on one specialities are redistributed by Ministry of Health of Republic Uzbekistan for other regions, proceeding from requirement for shots.
Main objective training in clinical internship – preparation of highly skilled experts for independent work on a speciality. The primary goals trained are:
•Profound studying of methodological, clinical and mediko-social bases of medical sciences;
•Formation of skills of independent professional work
To graduates of clinical internship, the right to employment by practical activities as the doctor of the expert in the got knowledge and skills in the course of speciality training in out-patient and stationary links of public health services is given.

Reception in clinical internship

In clinical internship doctors on the basis of a base higher medical education on the specialities which list is defined by Ministry of Health of Republic Uzbekistan and the experts who have earlier ended clinical internship or a magistracy are accepted and wishing to receive the second, not profile speciality. Transfer in clinical internship of doctors on the second narrow speciality is carried out on a platno-contract basis.
Reception in clinical internship is carried out on a competitive basis which are spent once a year.
•the Department supervises realisation of preparation of clinical interns under the individual plan under the guidance of the qualified experts (professors, senior lecturers)
•supervises educational process in all directions and regularly checks attendance and progress;
•Within an academic year carrying out semi-annual, annual (upon termination of the first year of training) and total certification is provided. The structure of a certifying commission from among leading scientists (semi-annual, annual and total certifications) and representatives of the customer of shots (total certification) affirms the order of the head of establishment, the chairman of the commission the pro-rector (deputy director) on scientific work is appointed.
Educational process:

Employment of graduates of clinical internship
•the Department supervises execution of the contract with territorial controls of the public health services, concluded the contract with doctors at their receipt in target clinical internship

According to the Order of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated July 17, 2017, № 390 “Admission to clinical internship in the 2017-2018 academic year”, the bachelors who have earned a high mark in the competition in the directions listed in the Appendix from September 4, 2017 was admitted to study.