Activity of educational – methodical department:
•    The Organization of educational process it agree curricula;
•    Control over carrying out and the organization of educational process;
•    Work with responsible for educational process of chairs;
•    Scoping of an academic load and control of its performance;
•    The introduction  in educational process of modern technologies;
•    Work  on an exchange of methodical work with pediatric faculties of other medical high schools;
•    Control over performance of orders, orders, indicating  and references of the higher organizations, decisions of administration, orders of the rector on educational process;
•    Drawing up of reports;
•    Realization of orders for forms of standard documents;
•    Control of activity of dean’s office;
•    Preparation of offers on improvement of educational process;
•    Calculation of quantity  of established posts and pedagogical load;
•    Control over introduction in educational process of new technologies;
•    Registration of the published educational methodical literature;
•    Analysis of performance of an academic load;
•    Drawing up GES;
•    Analysis of drawing up of educational, working curriculums, their preparation for the statement;
•    Drawing up of lesson schedules and FE for groups, courses and faculties;
•    Organization of conferences and seminars;
•    Control over performance of a pedagogical load by hourly workers;
•    Report preparation under the form 3-HES;
•    Maintenance of chairs with educational magazines, individual plans of works.

Department structure: the department has 8 established posts:
Chief of department – 1
Metodologist – 1
Inspector – 2
Dispatcher – 1
Chief specialist– 2, Leading specialist – 1