The department for working with requests from individuals and legal entities, control and monitoring of the Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute ensures the implementation of tasks defined in national educational programs, improving the quality of the educational process, decrees and resolutions of the President. of the Republic of Uzbekistan on higher education, resolutions and orders of the Cabinet of Ministers, monitors and analyzes the timely implementation of regulations and guidelines of the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Innovation.

The department controls the implementation at faculties, departments and other structural divisions of the institute of decisions of the Institute Council, orders of ministries and internal orders, regulatory documents in the field of education: educational and methodological, spiritual and educational, research, improvement and retraining of personnel.

Monitors and analyzes the consideration of requests received from individuals and legal entities, in the manner and within the time limits established by law, makes specific proposals to the management of the institute to eliminate and resolve identified shortcomings and problems. In cases of violations of executive discipline, the management of the institution makes a proposal to apply disciplinary measures.

Periodically prepares reports to the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Innovation on improving the work carried out in response to requests from individuals and legal entities.

Develops and implements criteria for assessing the effectiveness of the teaching staff for the purpose of conducting annual internal certification.

The department participates in the development and process of procedures for motivation, remuneration of department employees, teaching staff, as well as foreign specialists, based on an assessment of the criteria for the effectiveness of their activities (KPI)