1. General provisions

1. The office is an independent structural unit of a higher education institution, operates on the basis of the university and reports directly to the Rector.

2. The Office in its work is guided by the orders and decrees of the Ministry and the current instructions for office work.

3. The staff of the office is approved by the rector within the limits of the total number, wage fund and allocations for administrative and ­management expenses.

2.Main tasks

1. General control over compliance with the Regulations on office work is assigned to the manager. Office.
2. Establishment and improvement of office work at the university. 3. Organization of correct accounting and registration of correspondence. 4. Ensuring control over the execution of documents of higher authorities, the management of the university and statements of citizens. 5. Organization of the use and storage of documentary materials completed by office work.

3. Law

1. The office is headed by the head, who appoints the rector.
2. The manager has the right to give instructions on issues of office work, control over the execution of documents, citizens’ statements and the organization of archival files ; to demand from structural units the timely execution of documents, citizens’ statements and reporting on them; Conduct correspondence on issues arising from this provision

4. The office has a round seal with its name, which is kept by the head of the office


1. Receiving and sending correspondence.

2. Distribution , registration of documents and statements of citizens for reporting to management, maintaining their records, registration and systematic monitoring of execution.

3. Familiarization of university employees with administrative documents.

4. Submission to the management of the university of information on issues of office work and control over execution.

5. Methodological guidance in organizing office work in structural units and monitoring its condition.

6. Organizing the work of the archive in accordance with the current instructions of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 140 dated March 29, 1999.

7.Organization of advanced training and preparation of job descriptions and

functional responsibilities of office staff.

5. Reception and registration of incoming Correspondence

1. All correspondence received by the university is accepted by the office. It is prohibited to accept correspondence directly by departments in the reception areas.

2. The office opens the envelopes, checks the correctness of delivery, the integrity of the envelopes and the presence of documents enclosed in them are reported to the sender.

Envelopes are saved and attached to documents

– upon receipt of complaints, statements and letters from citizens, as well as claims and arbitration cases;
– when the date of the postmark matters in the amount of proof of time and receipt of the document.

3. Correspondence is registered in the office and then submitted for reporting to management.

4. Upon return of correspondence from the report, the office must transfer them to the executors on the day of receipt.

5. Documents taken for control must be considered immediately upon receipt, regardless of the deadline.

6. The transfer of correspondence from one department to another should be carried out on the instructions of the manager only through the office.

6.Drafting, execution and distribution of documents.

1. Documents drawn up on the basis of decrees, orders, decrees, orders, superior organizations must contain a reference to them.

2. All documents coming from departments must have visas.

3. Distribution of documents is carried out by the office as soon as possible, no later than the next day.

4. Letters include the exact address and outgoing number

5. On letters sent in response to a request, be sure to indicate our outgoing number and the date of the incoming number.

6. Applications and complaints from workers are considered within 10 days and are considered completed only after the issues raised in them are resolved and the author is notified of the decision made.

7. It is prohibited to send letters, complaints and applications for consideration to those institutions or persons against whose actions the complaint was filed.

7. Record keeping, formation and storage in departments

1. All employees of the apparatus and rector’s office are obliged to know the instructions well and strictly follow them in their work.

2. Heads of departments are responsible for the safety of documents received by them.

3. Documents on completed issues are filed in the relevant files.

4. Filing of unfulfilled documents in a file is prohibited.

5. With the onset of the new year, completed cases from the past year are subject to submission to the archives with an inventory of the established form.

6. Cases must be prepared for archiving in accordance with existing instructions, according to the order of the Ministry of Health.