Head of the department: MD, Professor Abdullayeva Vasila Karimbekovna

Staff of the department: Senior lecturer Suleymanov Sh.R., PhD, Associate Professor Sharipova F.K., PhD, Ganikhanov A.A., PhD, Rustamova Zh.T., PhD Babarakhimova S.B., PhD Rogov A.V., PhD Irmukhamedov T.B., PhD, Associate Professor Nurkhodzhaev S.N., senior lecturer Matveeva A.A., PhD Sattarov T.F., Sultonova K.B., Aliev B.A.

Doctoral students of the department: Iskandarova Zh.M., Mukhtorov B.O., Tuichiev Sh.T. (basic doctoral students — PhD)

Independent applicants of the department: Matveeva A.A. (PhD), Sultonova K.B. (PhD), Abbasova D.S. (PhD), Nosirov A.A. (PhD), Aliyev B.A. (PhD)

The department trains 3rd-year students in the educational direction “Pediatric business”, “Medical business”, “Medical and pedagogical business” and 5th-year students in the educational directions “Pediatric business”, “Medical business”, “Medical and pedagogical business”, “Folk medicine”, also clinical students are trained at the department residents and undergraduates in the specialties “Psychiatry”, “Narcology” and “Medical Psychology”.

The department conducts scientific research in the following areas: 

  1. “Gender features of affective pathology in endogenous mental disorders” by basic doctoral student (PhD) Iskandarova Zh.M.
  2. “Clinical and psychopathological aspects of non-suicidal autodestructive behavior in adolescents of pre-conscription age” by the basic doctoral student Mukhtorov B.O.
  3. “Psychological and immunological indicators of postcovid syndrome in young people” by the basic doctoral student Tuichiev Sh.T.
  4. “Psychological determinants of social disintegration of patients with paranoid schizophrenia” by assistant Matveeva A.A.
  5. “Medical and psychological aspects of coping behavior in school-age children with diabetes mellitus  Type I” by assistant Sultanova K.B.
  6. “Medical-psychological and immunological aspects of male infertility with optimization of psychotherapeutic tactics” by assistant Aliyev B.A.

Scientific potential of the department — 66.6%

The clinical bases where undergraduate students, as well as undergraduates and clinical residents study are:

  1. City Clinical Psychiatric Hospital.
  2. City children’s Neuropsychiatric Center.
  3. Republican specialized scientific and practical medical center of Narcology.
  4. City psychoneurological dispensaries No. 1 and No. 2.
  5. Republican Hospital of Children’s Nervous and Mental Disorders named after U.K. Kurbanov.
  6. Family polyclinic No. 29 of Yashnabad district.
  7. Detox Clinic.

The staff of the department actively participates in the development of methodological recommendations, textbooks and textbooks on psychiatry, narcology and child psychiatry. In addition, the staff of the department, undergraduates, applicants and doctoral students take an active part in international conferences, congresses and symposiums.