Scientific and practical activities of chair of psychiatry have had the development since establishment of the Central Asian medical pediatric institute in 1972. Managing the chair had been selected Ismailov Tursun Ismailovich (1972-2006). . Since 2006 managing chair is Abdullaev Vasilja Karimovna. The chair has begun the work in Republican psychiatric hospital №2, and since 1974 the City psychoneurological clinic became its additional base.

Throughout ten years professor Ismailov T.I. managing chair, being the main children’s psychiatrist at Min.of.He R.Uz, constantly conducted work on rendering of the methodical, organizational advisory help to children and teenagers. It had been prepared the project about the organisation on the basis of children’s branches of Republican clinical psychiatric hospital №1 coordination centres on increase of level of the medical-diagnostic help and carrying out of rehabilitation actions to children, suffering psychological diseases. Under the direction of prof. Ismailova T.I. all employees of chair took direct part in the organisation and carrying out of I Republican congress of neuropathologists and psychiatrists. The chair of psychiatry from first days of its basis has occupied the basic and leading position on a professional training of scientific and practical doctors-psychiatrists for republic.

Many have done a way from clinical interns to assistants, docents and the professor (N.Eliseev, F.N.Hasanov, S.S.Akbarova, S.R.Sulejmanov, F.K.Sharipova, S.B.Babarahimova, A.N.Sahozhko, O.V.Shahansky, A.G.Tenkova). A Considerable quantity of the doctors-psychiatrists, had training preparation, work in the city psychiatric facilities, some head large treatment-and-prophylactic and psychiatric facilities.