he plan of spiritual and educational work presented by the head of the department for the 2019-2020 academic year, and the plan of spiritual and educational work of the department based on it were studied by all professors and teachers of the department. tasks were distributed and investigated. During the 2019-2020 academic year, she led the spiritual and educational work at the department of D.D. Mirdadayev, organized the following activities in accordance with the plan and monitored its implementation. On the recommendation of the head of the department, Professor Sh.T. Iskandarov, head of the department of spirituality Mirdadayev D.D. In order to implement the decision of PC No. 2857 BCO to improve the services of the organizer, associate professors of the department for targeted medical examination and assessment of the health status of schoolchildren in secondary schools 1-2-16-39-40 of the Kibray district NF Rasulova, NS Mukhamedova, senior teachers G. Dzhalilova and Otashekhov Z.I., assistant Maksudova N.A. under the guidance of 6th year students. The presentation, prepared by all professors and teachers of the department, dedicated to the 27th anniversary of our independence, was widely represented in all educational and coaching groups. All groups of 2nd year students of the 1st faculty of pediatrics of the institute were provided by trainers, and their responsibilities were divided into coaching and spiritual and educational activities. A quarter of the students in the distributed groups were checked quarterly, as well as their living conditions, homeowners, their jobs, the amount of money paid for the rooms, roommates living with the student, and their ethics. In addition, together with public activists, the living conditions of tenants were studied in detail by all teachers of the department. The living conditions of students in the hostel of the institute were studied and pedagogical interviews were organized on discipline, moral education, and the agenda. In this 2019-2020 academic year, all professors and teachers of the department visited the Amir Temur Museum, I. Karimov Museum, the Olympic Reserve Museum, the Museum of Victims of Repression. Films condemning religious extremism and terrorism, human trafficking and its negative consequences, new innovative ideas for the full leisure of students, presented by the department of spiritual and moral education of the institute. and in coaching groups, large television was shown using electronic media. In 6 specialized boarding schools in Tashkent in the specialties “Healthy Lifestyle”, “Rational Nutrition”, “Preparing Girls for Motherhood”, “Hygiene of Girls”, teachers of the department Iskandarova Sh.T., Fayzieva MF, Mukhamedova N. S., Rasulova N.F. , Otashekhov.Z.I., Dzhalilova G.A., Maksudova N.A., Odilova M.A., Maksudova.NA, Mirsaidova H.M., Sattarova.Z.R., Mirdadayev D.D., Sadikova .A.A. held round tables. On November 30, the department head Mirdadayev and her assistant Mirsaidova visited a boarding school for the mentally retarded and sick with Down’s disease No. 25 in Mirabad district in honor of the Day of Children with Disabilities. Employees of the department presented gifts for each student, consisting of drawings, pencils and illustrated books, and letters of appreciation were sent on behalf of the rector to the employees of the institute. All teachers of the department recommended online presentations about coronavirus disease and its complications, hygienic aspects of coronavirus disease and the rules of quarantine. At the initiative of the head of the flood victims of the Syrdarya dam, food, clothes, white blankets and pillows were sent.

swearing-in ceremony