SAMPI was created on the basis of 5-infectious diseases hospital of Tashkent at the request of No. 450. Council of ministers of Uzbekistan.
By September 1, 1972 the Average Asian Medical Pediatric the Institute  is prepared for acceptance of students.
On the Central Asian Medical Pediatric Institute the Physics chair was organized.
The chair was on the left wing 1 floors of the 3rd SAMPI case. The chair had 8 training – laboratory audiences, 2 rooms for repair of devices, 2 rooms for storage of devices, 1 room for the manager of chair and 1 room for carrying out meetings.
To the beginning of study it is approved regular units of chair and it was filled up by teachers.
In 1972 – 1973 academic year 7,5 regular units were allocated for chair. From them 1 managing chairs, 1 associate professor, 1 senior of the teacher and 4,5 assistants.
Because of absence of the associate professor, the chair began the activity with structure 1 managers of chair, 1 senior teacher and 5,5 units of assistants.
Assistants to educational process is a 1 senior laboratory assistant and the 2 laboratory assistant.