Rumi Said Sadadinovich. In 1972-1976 chair of Physics the Deserved teacher of the Republic associate professor Rumi Said Sadaddinovich managed. Under the leadership of Rumi Said Sadadinovich huge educational methodical and organizational work was done. He is the founder of chair. In 1978-1980 chair Shokirov Nigmatulla Shokirovich managed. These years it was received new laboratory devices and new laboratory works are created. In the years 1980-1994 the department in charge of Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor Khakimov Pulat Adilovich. Professor P.A.Hakimov paid great attention to educational and methodical work of the department. Growth and quality of teaching, attendance of students on occupations was observed. The special attention was paid to scientific works of chair. The scientific direction of chair was approved. Subject: Synthesis of microcells from coordination by complex bio ligands and studying of radio tire-tread, medical properties and also action mechanisms to a live organism and a cage. All structure of chair was connected to scientific works on the approved subject of chair. Following young teachers of chair conducted the scientific works on this direction. Under the leadership of prof. P.A.Khakimov, the following from them defended the master’s dissertation M.K.Parmonov, Y.N.Islomov, R.K.Siddikov. P.A.Khakimov wrote some monographs, more than 10 textbooks of methodics, in the Uzbek and Russian languages for students. P.A.Khakimov published more than 180 scientific works participating in Republican and International conferences and wrote 2 monographs: 1 . Murtazayeva L.A. Khakimov P. A. “Cytophysiology of bodies of endocrine system in ontogeny”. 2 . Hamidov ZH.H. Khakimov P. A. “Ultra-violet fluorescence of proteins and cages”. He is the author of 18 copyright certificates. In 1998-2000 the chair is merged into chair of Biology and managing chairs there was prof. K.N.Nishonboyev. Yuldash Nugmanovich Islomov since 2001 on real time “Medical and Biological Physics, Informatics and Information Technologies” chair the associate professor, Candidate of Biology Yuldash Nugmanovich Islomov  manages Under the leadership of Y.N.Islomov educational methodical work of chair is substantially improved. For the past three years produced 15 training manuals for students, five of them in the Latin alphabet. Quality of teaching, attendance of students on occupations, and also progress in taught subjects is improved. Lecture materials are updated, distributing materials on each subjects are prepared. The bank of test questions for intermediate and total control is created. Multimedia for a lecture and practical training are prepared. Y.N.Islomov continues scientific activity. Participates at Republican and international conferences. It published more than 100 scientific works, 18 educational textbooks of methodics and has 5 copyright certificates.