Scientific direction of chair: “Studying of radio tire-tread and medical properties of microelement connections with coordination complex bioligands, and also mechanisms their action to we live to organisms and cages.” Professors Pulat Adilovich Khakimov, and Abdurafik Bakhramovich Akbarov were heads of the scientific direction of chair. In the period of 1986-1994 on the channelized scientific the staff of chair of “Biophysics” and “Chemistry” worked, this is Yu.N.Islomov; A.S.Mutalibov; U.E.Aliyev; R.K.Siddikov; M.M.Karimova; M.N.Islomov; A.Azimov and others. SCIENTIFIC RESULTS RECEIVED ON SUBJECT OF THE SCIENTIFIC DIRECTION. DNA structure with the help cytofluorimeter and spectrophotometer methods is studied. Was it is studied electric parameters of uniform elements of blood (erythrocytes, lymphocytes, leukocytes) the healthy and irradiated animals. It was revealed correlation communication between electric parameters of uniform elements of blood – with fermental activity, the general the maintenance of lipids and activity of cholesterol. With the introduction of biocomplex Co (III) to the irradiated animals by injection, was found to improve the electrical parameters of blood cells and approaching normal. This picture is revealed, and hematological, physiological and biological parameters. Suppressed the fluorescence of acridine orange. At preparation introduction With (III) to the irradiated animals in a dose 4mg/kg by means of an injection – 66% survival relatively to control were observed, average life expectancy made 23 days. At biocomplex introduction one days prior to radiation in a dose of 15 mg/kg, by means of an injection, average life expectancy and survival of animals, a factor of reduction of a dose, probability of protection against radiation (β) increased, intensity of secondary fluorescence grew also. The survival of animals grew to 90%, average life expectancy made 28 days. Improvement of structure of a membrane at biocomplex introduction With (III) is defined. From it existence stabilization abilities of a membrane follows. On scientific the direction was published more than 50 scientific works, more than 20 copyright certificates are received and is protected two master’s theses by the staff of chair of “Biophysics” Y.N.Islomov on a subject: “Functional violations of blood cells at radiation influence and their correction with use of biocomplexes With (III)”. R.K.Siddikov on a subject: “Influence scale – radiations on structural a functional condition of lymphocytes and development of methods of their radio protection by biocomplexes”. In given time the chair continues scientific researches on scientific the chair direction. On scientific the direction works all staff of chair: docent Yu.N.Islomov; docent G.U.Urmanova; senior lecturer M.M.Karimova; docent D.A.Karshiyev; docent R.K.Dzhaparova; docent B.S.Sanayev and others. In 2007 of Urmanov G. U defended the dissertation on a subject: “A functional condition of mitochondrial membranes of a liver at influence of some xenobiotics”. “Medical and Biological Physics, Informatics and Information Technologies” chair cooperate the RUZ following AN scientific centers. Institute of Nuclear Physics Biochemistry institute Institute of Physics and Technology Physiology institute Physical faculty НУ Уз. Mathematics institute ТМА In days of independence in the higher education there were basic changes. Attendance of students to occupation grew. Progress of subjects is improved. Educational rooms are equipped and enriched with new laboratory devices. To concern to them the device UVCh-66, VLKM-500 Rural lands; Gemotsitometr; Gemogenezator; OPN-8 centrifuge; Kodoskop; Projector; etc. Educational audiences are equipped with new furniture. When conducting occupations it is widely applied interactive methods and new pedagogical technologies. For students for everyone given classes it is prepared distributing materials and multimedical other programs. All audiences are connected by a tele-computer network. It should be noted that in the period of independence, for students were created 22 education – methodical grants and 10 electronic options in biophysics and informatics subjects on Uzbek, and Russian, and also on the Latin schedule. SCIENTIFIC CIRCLE By order of No. 237 Mines of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION of RUz on chair it is organized the scientific circle “Modern Information Technologies”. Purpose of creation of a circle: Acquaintance of students by modern devices of transfer and processing of information, and also physical methods of treatment and diagnostics. To study to skills of conducting independent scientific research. SCIENTIFIC CIRCLE AND PARTICIPATION IN SCIENTIFIC ORGANIZATION OF STUDENTS.

Teachers of the Department of Biophysics, Medical Informatics has published 2 textbooks, 9 methodic textbooks, 3 monographs, more than 20 electronic calculator machine certificate, more than 40 articles, 60 abstracts in international republican scientific and practical conferences over the past 5 years.