Head of the department: Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Alimov Anvar Valievich.

Department staff: Doctor of Medical Sciences Associate Professor Rakhmankulova Z.Zh., Ph.D. Associate Professor Ismailova M.A., Ph.D. associate professor Gulyamova M.A., PhD associate professor Khojamova N.K., PhD assistant Khodzhimetova Sh.H., PhD assistant Tursunbaeva F.F., assistants Abdukadirova M.K., Suleymanova L.I., Tukhtaeva U.D., Ruzmetova G.B.

Applicants: Tukhtaeva U.D., Abdukodirova M.K., Suleymanova L.I. Students of the department study at the department: 4.5 year students of the medical-pedagogical faculty in the subject “Neonatology”, 5th year students of the pediatric faculty in the subject “Neonatology”, 3rd year VMD – “Neonatology and hamshiralik ishi”, as well as masters in the specialty “Neonatology”. The department also trains clinical residents in the specialty “Neonatology”.

The scientific potential (graduation) of the department is 63.6%.

The clinical bases where masters and clinical residents, as well as students, are trained are the State Children’s Hospital No. 5, the maternity complex No. 6, the Russian Scientific and Practical Medical Center of AiG, the OPTs, the Russian Orthodox Church, the City Children’s Hospital No. 1 and the city perinatal centers.

Employees of the department, as well as masters, applicants and doctoral students actively cooperate with the UNICEF organization, Samarkand, Andijan, Nukus Pediatric Medical Institutes and the Department of Neonatology of Tashkent Institute.

Department staff actively participate in the development of methodological recommendations, teaching aids and textbooks on neonatology. In addition, department staff, masters, applicants and doctoral students take an active part in international conferences, webinars, congresses and symposiums.