The department teaches the following subjects:

For the Faculty of Neonatology, 5th grade pediatrics.

For the Faculty of Neonatology 4-6 levels medical pedagogy.

For the Faculty of Neonatology 4-6 stage treatment work.

Nursing in Neonatology for Higher nursing 3rd grade students.

International students 3 stages.

Training bases of the department:

• 70-bed infant pathology department of the 5th City Children’s Clinical Hospital;

• Department of Pediatric Pathology, City Perinatal Center;

• Department of Neonatal Pathology, 1st City Multidisciplinary Children’s Clinical Hospital;

• Regional Perinatal Center – Department of Infant Pathology;

• Maternity complex 6 – Department of Pediatric Pathology;

• A and G Republican Scientific-Practical Medical Center – Department of Pediatric Pathology;


New OSCE questions for 6th year students State exams have been created.

A new ranking of students and graduate residents has been developed.

A model curriculum in neonatology has been developed for the Faculty of Pediatrics and Higher nursing.

All working curricula are divided into 2 parts: working curricula and educational technologies.

A curriculum for the training of clinical residents in neonatology has been developed. A standard curriculum in neonatology has been developed for the Faculty of Pediatrics.

Number of updated and edited presentations:

• 5th year pediatric faculty in 9 Russian and Uzbek languages;

• 6 courses for medical and pedagogical faculty in 6 Russian and Uzbek languages

• 5 lectures for 3rd year Higher nursing students in Russian and Uzbek.

• 8 reports for the 4th year faculty of medical pedagogy and medical work;

New generation test tasks for 4th year medical pedagogy and treatment, 5th year pediatrics, 6th year medical pedagogy, 3rd year Higher nursing, master’s residents were compiled and edited in Russian and Uzbek:

• 200 for 5 courses;

• 200 for 6 courses;

• 100 for 4 courses;

• Higher nursing 150 for 3 courses;

• 1,200 test questions were developed for residents.

Developed practical skills:

• Updated and edited practical skills for 5th year pediatrics, 4th year medical-pedagogical and medical work, 6th year medical-pedagogical faculty, 3rd year Higher nursing faculty.