In the 2023-2024 academic year, the department teaches the following subjects:

— “Neonatology” for 5th year students of the Faculty of Pediatrics;

— “Neonatology” for 4th and 5th year students of the Faculty of Medicine and Pedagogy;

— “Neonatology” for 4th and 5th year students of the Faculty of Medicine.

Training bases of the department:

• 70-bed infant pathology department of the 5th City Children’s Clinical Hospital;

• Department of Pediatric Pathology, City Perinatal Center;

• Department of Neonatal Pathology, 1st City Multidisciplinary Children’s Clinical Hospital;

• Regional Perinatal Center – Department of Infant Pathology;

• Maternity complex 6 – Department of Pediatric Pathology;

• A and G Republican Scientific-Practical Medical Center – Department of Pediatric Pathology;


— New OSCE questions have been created for the state exam for 6th year students.

— A new rating has been developed to assess the knowledge of students and graduates.

— A standard curriculum in neonatology was developed for the Faculty of Pediatrics, Medical, Pedagogical and Medical Work.

— All working training programs are divided into 2 parts: working curricula and an educational and methodological complex.

— A curriculum was developed for training neonatology clinical residents.

Number of updated and edited presentations:

• 5th year pediatric faculty in 9 Russian and Uzbek languages;

• 6 courses for medical and pedagogical faculty in 6 Russian and Uzbek languages;

• 8 reports for the 4th year faculty of medical pedagogy and medical work;

New generation test tasks for 4th year medical pedagogy and treatment, 5th year pediatrics, 6th year medical pedagogy,

• 200 for 5 courses;

• 200 for 6 courses;

• 100 for 4 courses;

• Higher nursing 150 for 3 courses;

• 1,200 test questions were developed for residents.

Developed practical skills:

Practical skills for the 5th year of pediatrics, the 4th year of medical-pedagogical and medical work, the 5th year of the medical-pedagogical faculty and medical work have been updated and edited.