The main base of the Department is located on the territory of 5 children’s hospital of the Mirzo-Ulugbek district.

Address: 100170, Ul. Sililar, 38.
Passage: by bus. 17, 63, 83, 96, 129, 14; routes 28, 51, 80, 137, 74;  to the stop «Academgorodok».

Students note:

1. appearance – Bathrobe, Slippers, cap, mask.

2. Discipline – come and go while according to chronochora, observance of ethical norms (be quiet, not rugatsa, respect for medical personnel, not to litter, not to smoke, not to break the furniture in the territory of base)

3. In the classroom – books, abstracts, laptop; when crawling to have a phonendoscope, notebook for recording.

4. On the stands hang issues and current tests, intermediate and final control.

5. The group leader should have a log of old age.

6. Testing of missed classes is carried out according to the schedule of duties, the duty assistant after class.

7. After 4 missed classes for training of the necessary permission from the Dean.

8. A retake on the subject is performed according to the schedule by the Dean.